We are a gluttons from time to time. There is nothing wrong with this other unless it is taken to far. We have all heard the saying “to much of a good thing can be bad.” Well this is very true!

Most think that gluttony refers to eating food, it goes for other things as well. Watching television, video games, buying clothing and so on. It is having to much of one thing and not enough of everything else.

My friend has a thing for leopard print tops. She has to have it no matter what. I saw tops she had that still had the price take on it. When I asked her why she exclaimed that she does not know why, but she feels like she NEEDS to own it, even if she has no plans on wearing the item.

I have an issue with buying flowers with roots, trees and bushes. My hubby told me the day we have plants in our bed; I am cut off. I have plants in the basement with grow lights. Plants hang from the ceiling, bookshelves, corner tables. I have my veggie garden, flower garden, trees and bushes in pots, plants hanging off the fence wall. Yep, I have a plant problem.

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