The government has provided a means for the children to do online classes. This is an excellent notion expressly if parents do not know what their child or children should be learning. The school board rushed around trying to get chrome books or other electronics for children to learn on, loaning them out to families to assist them.

Once the teacher got a hold of me and told me what she has the kids doing. I told her that was great but my daughter will be doing what I want.

It was evident to me within one week, what my daughter knew and did not. The educational system does have it’s problems, nothing can be perfect, but when a second-grader can not spell a simple word like ‘said,’ to me, there is a tremendous problem.

In the weeks that I have been working with my daughter, her reading has improved, nowhere where she should be, but a LOT better. I have focused on her reading out loud to me versus me reading to her. We created a booklet, each time she asks me how to spell a word, that word goes in the booklet. She hates me for this, but I implemented spelling words. If she gets the word right, that word is replaced with a new one. Words that she gets wring stays in the list.

Math has never been an issue for her; she sits at a third-grade level. I have to chuckle a bit since it is hard for me to keep up with her. Challenging her is the key thing in this department.

Our favourite subject is science. It is so vast, and her interest is similar, life science! With it being Spring, there are plenty of things to examine.

As of now, the biggest project she has is studying foxes, her choice. Lol, she is trying very hard to convince why we need a fox as a pet!


    1. A lot of parents don’t care about their child’s education; for me, it is the most important thing ever. It also allows me to learn more about my child’s interests, bonding with them, lasting memories 😁

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