So many will say, “I am not selfish!” Well, I can say, “Yes! Yes, I am selfish!” And I have every right to be. Anyone that says they are not selfish is fabricating their truth.

Being selfish does not always mean that you never take others needs into consideration. If there is one slice of pie left and it’s my favourite… Your damn right it is mine. Why? Most likely I made it from scratch. Most likely everyone has had a slice already. So I am making sure that last piece is mine.

Are you opinionated? Hit the right topic, and I bet you are? We are all opinionated, some more than others. I happen to be one of those people that are highly opinionated. Here’s the kicker, I have no problem with admitting when I am wrong, and I will not try to convince you that you need to change your mind.

Do you hide your insecurity and flaws? I have, on many occasions! Who wants to admit they are weak and needs help, my damn pride gets in the way all the time. I mask my flaws and insecurity with my strength so no one can see what is really there.

Empathy! I have a considerable amount of understanding, but I only show it towards those that need it. Too much empathy and you wear your heart on the sleeves of your shirt, not enough, and you are hollow. Many times I have been called empty, once my viewpoint was made known, they saw where I was coming from.

Dislikes of other activities! Once again, this is a hard one for me. If I am genuinely not interested in a friend’s hobby, well, there is nothing to be said. If a friend is hyped up over an accomplishment, I will allow her to tell me her story, show me their work, and so on. This is because, most likely, I have had the same opportunity as well. The thing is we do not have to like everything the other does, letting them speak about it is the key thing. But I will not partake in their event, nor would I expect them to invoke themselves in my activity.

I am wrong for this one, assuming a friend is always available! I get used to a pattern, I kind of memorized my friend’s schedules. So when I want their attention for one thing or another, I presume they are available. It took a great friend to point out to me that making “assumption” gets you in trouble. For the most part, I have nipped this one in the butt. Once in a Blue Moon, I forget that just like myself, others have a life outside of routine!

We are all selfish; we were born this way. With moderation, there is nothing wrong with being selfish!

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