I needed a break from everything! Before I left for a couple of days, I made sure Peter had everything covered with the care of the chicken, sheep and gardens. I bought a hikers backpack, the supplies that would be needed.

Against my better judgment, I arranged things with Jullian to go to his cottage up North. He had suggested this to me a couple of weeks back; now I’m ready to take him up on his offer. There is plenty of land for someone to get lost in their thoughts. Just what I wanted, to forget about the nasty dreams that have been pledging my nights.

It will take roughly five hours to get there, that is including a boat ride. On Lake Muskoka, there are several cottages. There I would spend on an Island three nights and four days. There is no hydro, hot water, internet, just the wild and fresh air. It is the closest thing to off-grid living that I could get too.


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