Social distancing and the other parent’s right to see the kiddos was a topic between myself and my friends.

We have been told that friends going over to other people’s places is NOT social distancing. Does this apply to the child or children seeing the other parent? This would be considered going to another person’s house, a friend said.

I am in this position; my hubby and I drive to the children across the city every other weekend so they can visit their daddy. When some of my friends found out I was going to be making the trip tomorrow, they freaked out. “SOCIAL DISTANCING,” they screamed!

Trust me; I know the dangers of going out. Everyday, hubby goes out to go to work. Every morning he gets Tim Horton’s where the children’s dad has been home bound for three weeks.

For the safety of the children and their dad, I have been taking their temperature in the morning and at night time, for the last four days. My baby girl and I suffer big time from allergies, piece of mind, allergies will not create high temperatures.

Next thing I knew this topic had gone to, families have to follow court orders, and I do not have one, so I should not be taking the kiddos to their daddy’s place.

I was like…

Are you kidding me? I am one out of a hundred that can come to a verbal agreement with my ex. I do not need a court order to tell me what is best for my children. Besides, a verbal agreement is no different than a court order. Unless I have the police at my door telling me otherwise, this mama is going to allow them to see their other superhero.

And yes, I am expecting this individual to call in me!

The last thing I said to her was, “are your viewpoints based on the pandemic that is going on? Or the fact of your hatred for my children’s father?

Media shaming and stitching on neighbours is a real thing. If you are in my position, my personal view is this… Open communication with the other person, if anyone starts to have the symptoms, monitoring is the key thing. Ensuring the safety of all parties is the most important thing. Until you are told otherwise by the government, let your babies see their other superhero!


  1. I hope you don’t get snitched. Here in the UK visitation is still expected for the kids, and to be honest, kids are probably scared and worried right now anyway, so that little bit of stability probably does them good!

    1. The kids are at their daddy’s now and are so happy to see him. It was very important to me that the kids get to see him. Just in case we go on full lockdown

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