It went from tossing and turning, bad dreams to night terrors. Anyone that suffers or has issues with night terrors, understands what I am talking about, it is horrible.

Nightmares are just unpleasant bad dreams that you remember when you wake up. It is very rare for me to wake up in the morning and not remember a few dreams sometimes more.

Night terrors are this intense feeling of fear; sometimes, you thrush around and end up screaming. Mine go one step further, I wake up walk around, take two to five minutes to realize that I am not dreaming anymore, and I am safe! Another difference from the two for myself, I have no control over my night terrors.

In my dreams…

Many of us do not think much about it when there are reports of water animals dying. Fish and other animals are found on the shores of beaches and rivers. It starts on the coast of California, many months go by and a few more animals are found here and there. Year’s go by and the numbers increase. No one thinks much of it even though scientist and activities are losing their minds.

In amongst this time insects gain in population, no one seems to note the changes. What land used to be fertile and crops abundant, start to produce less.

Then things go back to the water! It seemed to be a localized event until more areas become affected. It looked like the water was coloured in a reddish-brown colour. Something in the water changes its colour all over the world. That is when things start to get very ugly!

People are yelling and screaming. Looking at buildings, I see invisible blood wrapping around it, suffocating and slowly killing individuals in that building. The blood is multiplying and dividing, going from one location to another.

The blood is coming up from the ground, weeping out of trees, floating in water tides, falling from the outter atmosphere. It is not biased; it does not care, killing everyone it desires.

It finds its way to my home. It drips from the ceiling, pooling into a puddle on my floor. I know what is coming, the news had been reporting this for months now. Just when they think they have figured out what is going in, how to stop this, it changes itself. Only those that walk between realms would see what is going on. There is not a thing we or anyone could do. I ask this pool of blood for only one thing, ‘do not let them get my spiritual energy, do not allow NaNa to get her grip on me!’

The blood enters through my nose, mouth, ears and eyes. I can not breathe; my heart is pounding hard at the start. My heart slows down as the struggle for my last breathe comes to acceptance of the events that are going on. I knew this was coming, death; it comes for all of us.

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