There is not one person that is not addicted to something! For my children, it would be YouTube. Since the social distance has begun, YouTube has been on ALL the time.

Since they have issues with prying their eyes away from YouTube, I have stepped in a wee little bit. I took their love and twisted it for an educational purposes.

My son loves Blippi; I give Blippi a ‘B+.’ I found Blippi to be very helpful, but if you pay attention, Blippi goes from one location to another without cleaning up. My son now thinks he can do the same 🤨

My youngest daughter loves nature, dinosaurs and life hacks! A wide range for me to work with.

My oldest daughter, well, she is a tweener, so each day her likes and dislikes change. One thing, though, remains a love for the arts!

I take turns with each of them, and we watch a video together. I ask several questions, say our likes and dislikes and why.

I believe that this is a great thing to do with the children—the Internet as their primary source of entertainment. I get to keep up with their likes and interests; most of all, communication is stronger now.

With me spending time with the children and showing interest in their activities, I have found that they are showing interest in my blogging, painting and outdoor events. Some may view the social distancing as a curse, for myself, it is the opposite; we have become closer as a family. Slowing down to notice what everyone is up to.


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