Optimistic “It could have been worse!” Pessimistic “I should have…” Realistic “That could have been a lot worse, I really should have…”

If you have been following me long enough, you probably have a good idea which category I land under

… You got it, realistic! A little bit of collum A and B 😇

We all need a little bit of both in our lives. Optimistic personality are fantastic; they are motivators, full of cheer but too much of this can be bad. When there are to many pats on the back, tasks may take to long to be completed.

The always frowned upon pessimistic, so miss understood. Okay, too much of their personality and Molly Miserable will start to get jealous. This personality does have the habit of complaining a lot and can sometimes come off to be negative. In truth, they are pointing out what they should have done. It only becomes a major problem for others when the behaviour is a repeat.

Then there is the realistic personality. Speaking only for myself, this is the best way to get thru life. There is a bubble attitude “You did an awesome job today, Frank!” Or “Do not worry, Sally, at least you did not get hurt!” And then there is the obvious “if I had only taken the extra 30 seconds to put away my shoes, I would not have tripped.” Or “Eh bro, if you had been watching your money situation, you would not be calling me up to borrow money!”

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