With the school closer, I have gotten an eye-opener. Let’s just face it those of us in our late thirties and up, school is not the same. The curriculum is taught differently. And I have to say; it is more complicated than it has to be. The teachers have to push through class materials and hope that a child will catch on to things. And if they do not now, maybe they will next year.

I can say one thing for sure, my daughter S, she is very flexible and adapts very quickly to different teaching styles. Going through everything, she should know for her grade 2 level I realized this, she hates adding subtraction multiplication. On the other side, she loves measurements, charts and shapes.

When it comes to reading my little S has a memory like an owl, but she can not spell if her life depended on it.

I find this to be very baffling! When I was in school, spelling tests occurred every week. So she has been introduced to spelling tests … I am not S biggest fan anymore. I told the poor kid she could have the rest of the day off to play. I need to get everything ready for tomorrow.


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