I cannot just be one or the other; one minute I am introverted and then “snap” I am an extrovert. It would make things a lot easier, I know if I would just pick one side … But then where would the fun be in that! It looks like now they have a name for people like myself that jump back and forth, omnivert, and here all this time, I was calling it “mood swings!” I think I prefer their term.

My friends had a hard time with this; they have always seen me as an extrovert. How is it possible for someone like myself by nature as they see it, be friendly, outgoing, plus confident, there is no way I am introverted.

As simply as I can put it, I help out those in need! But I will do everything possible not to have a conversation with anyone, face to face that I do not know. A nod of the head while walking down the street is saying “hello” it is not a conversation. This is just being polite! Helping someone that has fallen and assuring their safety is not a conversation but a necessity. I genuinely do have concerns about others well being.

I can go into a coffee shop, sit in the corner and not have a conversation at all, I am just as happy as a pig rolling in the mud. This is one of the perks of life in the city, very few people know me. Country life, I would not be able to do this.

I asked my friends to go back to the first time they met me to remember the social gathering. One of my friends, C, told me that she thought I was a snoot because I did not say much. Instead, I would only answer questions and pet her dog while C and a mutual friend chatted it up. After years of this going on, one day, I saw C on Facebook and asked her what she was up to and if she wanted to go to the park. It was not that I did not like her; I just preferred to be in my nutshell. It took me doing this for me to move her into my family friend zone.

It takes dilemmas for me to change my tempo; usually, circumstances were I need to take charge, or someone requires support. Some days I get to hibernate in my nutshell, other days, I will jump in and out of my shell to deal with situations in front of me.

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