I have Amazon kindle membership, I have had it for a month now. I usually stick to kindle unlimited, 9.99 a month.

When I was in school, I would polish off a novel or two each week. Even in my twenties, I would finish two novels a month. Then I became a mommy! Novels turned into children’s stories, which were read ten times in a row.

For 13 years, I have not had the time to read any material that I liked until now. Now on the weekend I spend time reading short novels, no more than 300 pages.

Last night I got my tablet out and was going to read a page or two since the kiddos we’re quiet. I made the mistake of leaving my tablet unattended. My son decided I needed a book called Redeem Me by Elena Lawson, for 4.99, he better hope I like it.

A lesson I learned, do not leave my tablet alone, and my son may love books as much as I do! And I might have to do a book review; my son might have good taste just like his mama 🤣

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