My sleep is restless, I toss and frequently turn, hoping this night will be the night that I am not afflict with nightmares. They are dreams that I have had before. Back then I did not have the feeling of dread. As if the event I am seeing is coming close.

The first time I talked about the dream, I was 16, talking a good friend at the time. I told Nec that when we are about 40 years old, everything that we know will be challenged. It will start as a ripple effect. Small events will lead everyone to a huge change. Those that survive this period will spend two more generations picking up the pieces of the broken systems.

Of course, she did not understand what I was talking about and frankly because my dreams were so cryptic, nor did I! We both at the time thought that it must mean environmental transformations. As time moves forward, my dreams add in new bits of information.

I saw death fanning flames of fire left by man, woods, forest and dwellings. I guess if man had not been so negligent to leave such a thing untamed, it would not have spread.

Death uses one particular illness to its advantage. Death is not alone in this event! I see them coming out from trees, mountains, volcanoes, water, and space, they work together with Death. Spreading and mutating the illness. Demobilizing the human race into panic, fear, and turning one against the other.

Death and the followers whisper in the ears of the rich and poor. Rifts are built, a movement will unfold. The people will rise against the rich and their government.

“Why?” I asked in last night’s dream. As a black sheet of most in circles my body.

‘Do you believe in humanity? And do not lie, I will know!’

I wanted dearly to say yes, but I could not. I lost faith at least a decade ago. “I believe that few individuals can and will think of others well being first before theirs but not many! Do I believe in humanity, I do not!”

‘Would you say that humankind deserves what is transpiring?’

“In the heart of any disaster, everyone gets burned! You will; I will, everyone will!”

‘Stay out of our way!’

“What are you scared of?”

‘You, one of the things that are beautiful getting burned!’

“Do you believe that I can not withstand world wide depression, illness, environmental disaster plus civil war?”

‘The question you should be asking, how many will withstand all hardship!’

“Let me think  … Diseases, recession, depression, starvation, more diseases, civil war. Over 7 billion humans, I am sure that even with half of us prevailing, yes, we will make it throw. The question should be, what good will come out of this?’

‘Maybe this time, humans will learn to live concurrently with its kind plus all life!’

“This feeling of dread I have in my stomach … how much will this affected?”

‘Dread, that would be your intuition speaking, you should listen to it. For the affected, the damage will depend on how much humans want to continue to kill everything!’

“What do I do now?”

‘It is all up to you; the mission has begun!’

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