As we all know, children and adults are glued to technology, some worse than others. I am one of the lucky ones, I am able to get my children to go outside, place their tablets and controllers down. Many have asked me how I am able to do this without my kids freaking out? Frankly, it is easy, I pay the bill! I have no issues with living without the Internet.

Without the internet, there would be no YouTube, Netflix, Disney channel and no game system. The internet and these add one cost money! If it were not for me, it would not be in my home… So if the kids do not do what I say, tap tap tap, the internet is no more! People are like WHAT!?

They are like you cannot live without the internet!

I laugh in their faces after my television died; it took me five years to get a television back in my place. Add on additional year to get the internet back in my pack. It was amusing to tell teachers I had no television or Internet in my home. I lost count how many times I was told I was living in the dark ages. Or I was depriving my children, that one was my favourite.

I am not saying that technology is bad; it is not; it is great. I could never think of a life without hot water or the ability to travel. I just believe there should be a balance. If you are unable to put your tablet, phone, laptop, even your controller down to go out and enjoy life, you are abusing technology.

As a Millennial, I will never understand what my grandparents went through or my great grandparents. When I am told I am spoiled, viewing things from their perspective, I am spoiled and have everything at my fingertips. I sometimes imagine the hardship that they went through and all the hard work they had to go through to get what they had.

Hard work and values! That is what I was taught, and that is what I am teaching my kids. Yes, enjoy technology but also remember that technology has a price. The more you use, want and have, the more you have to work to maintain and keep it.

My great/ grandparents worked hard and had plenty to show for their work. Most of all, they had amazing stories to tell; it was not always about hardship but the many happiest moments of their lives. That is what I strive to do and teach.


  1. I could relate to this post very well, as I too do not have television at home. Also, I do not have WhatsApp installed on my phone, and anybody who learns this fact are like…WHAT???? So yes had fun and laugh as I read this post of yours. Also it’s sad to see how people are allowing themselves to be controlled by gadgets rather than keep control over them.

    1. Exactly!
      The first thing my little girl asked me when we got up was, “Mom, can we go for a walk on the trails if it stops raining?”
      I did not have the heart to tell her that it is to rain the majority of the day. But yeah, in a nutshell, we prefer to be outside enjoying the sun and fresh air.

      1. Wow that’s like hard to hear from kids nowadays. I am so glad you are ensuring that they get close to nature and admire its beauty and miracles 🙂

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