The sun started to produce solar energy roughly five billion years ago. From stones, bones and antlers, our ancestors developed tools ten million years ago. From there, the discovery of how to create fire was founded roughly two million years ago. Success was the basis of our ancestor’s survival. The prehistoric times may not seem that exciting, but it was the foundation for the growth of our species.

As humans, we needed these discoveries to be where we are today. We are a privilege and do not know hardship. We go to stores for food, clothing to whatever we are wanting. Shelters are constructed, allowing us to move from one location to another with little effort.

Credit has to go to those that lived around 25,000-50,000 BCE, their functional idea of clothing has inspired many generations in fashion and comfort. The basic idea of a brick needs to be recognized by those that lived 6000-7000 BCE; this was the foundation for shelter. It might not have been grand, but it was functional; transportation was a boat; the idea started 10,000 BCE.

Our ancestor’s lives became easier once agriculture and societies formed. Rapidly things changed iron was found and used for many things. The ancient language was formulated and shared. Extensive spread usage of copper was used, which opened the bronze age. Then came the iron age, which came weapons and more tools to allow their lives to be more comfortable.

Each generation, there are new inventions and discoveries. We may not have put much thought into it, but everything they had gone through has benefited our lives. If you want to go into greater detail of the timeline for the inventions and discovery, there is a link below.


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