I am the most perplexing person my friend and family have to deal with. I cannot just be just left or right; I am a mixture of everything. In a situation, my friends are other for or against the position. I, on the other hand, have to dissect everything to make it that both sides are right and mistaken. Needless to say, my behaviour traits are very frustrating to them.

When it comes to communication, I have always had the talent to shift from passive, assertive, last of all, aggressive. I know how and what to say to each person I speak to. Passive is typically used for individuals I do not know or hypersensitive individuals or those in distress. I always think about what I am going to say. Assertive is typically used regularly; I am forwards; if I think you are right, I will back you up if I believe you are wrong, I will. This is the area in which I have no filter. Aggressive is self-explanatory, just like my passive tone; I think twice what I am going to say, only with more aggression.

It is known that the majority of people are dominated in one category than the others. Yes, at the snap of a twig, I can jump from one temperament to another; I think it is safe to say we all can do this. I am just capable of adjusting my tone to accommodate for the individual, topic and or atmosphere.

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