Everyone had left, I put more wood on the fire as I sat on the chair rolling in my mind what Bayawah had said.

‘I was a weapon’ I had never been referred to as a tool. Am I a weapon of destruction?

I was staring deeper into the fire. Briefly, I noticed a light in the distance, that must be from Rachel’s place.

‘NaNa is planning on delivering more havoc to the habitents on Earth. All species are going to suffer her vengeance. Those humans she can not convert, “accidents” will be their fate. Us’Us have spent a great deal of time trying to warn those that wander off the path, but they are failing.’ What havoc is NaNa planning? Is it worse then what I have gone through?

‘I am not an original, when it comes to strict will I am remarkable. As long as I exist, I will not find any peace! Nana will not tolerate my disobedience no matter what realm I am at.’ That was one the prophecy Bayawah told me just before I left. ‘One can only be where the other is not. If both are dwelling in the same location, the weakest will not be!’ I am not sure what he meant by that.

I can hear individuals screaming for help. It felt like bodies were scattering in all different directions.

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