I had set a pile of twigs and debris on fire; the setting of the sun was near its end. Earlier, I had made the final arrangements with Rachel, Juillian and Melvin; he was a Druid-Medium. Pretty much how things were to go, Jazzgoth, Melvin and I were to go and have a meeting with the head council of the Us’Us. Rachel and Julian were to make sure the surrounding area was clear of any unwanted visitors aka Bayair,
Zeragill and Fastrial, the last thing I wanted was someone barging in on our little Powwow.

We get to our destination with no issues. The same cave-like place as before, this time, it was a little more active. The three of us stood there for some time waiting for the council to make their presents. At one point, I turned to the guys and said, “times running out, where are they? They wanted to talk to me, so what’s going on?” The voice sounded like thunder as it echoed off the rock walls “time means nothing here?” Everyone lowered their heads in respect to authority … Except for me. I stepped close to the male had spoken. “I am going to take a lucky guess and say you are Bayawah.” His facial muscles did not move; he was hard to read with a blank palate of no emotions. “You wanted to have a few words with me, that is the message I had received?”

“This way!”

Both of us stood there, concealed by trees.

“I do not want a repeat of last time!”

“Yeah about that, sorry they have a habit of finding my location and causing havic!”

Bayawah looked me up and down, “How are you?”

At this moment I realized how tall he was. He towered me at least three feet possible more. Most would see Bayawah as a black shadow. I picked up on characteristics that most would not, one thing did stand out; if you looked hard enough into his red-eye, you would see pain. “A part of your bloodline, many rebirths removed!”

“Humm, I have a hard time believing that! Three things happened to my family; they follow NaNa, obeyed me and we locked up in limbo, or assassinated! You are neither of the three. Let us make a deal we do not lie to each other and there will be no problems.”

“Everybody lies; it is the subject of degree that is the difference. Nevertheless, I foresee situations, whether or not there is trust; there will be conflicts. As we continue here, we have already made an unspoken assessment of each other. So let us cut the bull shit and get to the point of my being here.”

“Hmmm, I was warned of your vulgarity, now I can see why they are after you! For someone like yourself, you should be cautious.”

“The high council has been after me for as long as I can remember, I have done everything to get them off my back.”

“Whatever Nana wants, she gets!”

“She was the only one I could not figure out rate away. I wanted to find out the truth; what she said to me was the truth!”

“She did speak the truth, her ideal of the truth. Now you are her number one objective; she has already given the order for your execution. Opening the door to my intrapment did not help your case.”

“About that…” I chose my words very carefully. “That was an accident! I kind of heard a voice and vision in my head that told me what to do. In the heat of the moment, I did what I saw! If it were not for my temper, you would probably still be behind the door.” I was waiting for thank you something on those lines, nope nothing.

“Then that makes you more ignorant of the situation than I had felt. Humans are so mindless and without purpose. It boggles my mind how you have managed to get this far in existence.”

“Interference from the Fastrial. They are moulding us to move in the direction of their desire. Few like myself are caught in this war, we know what is going on but have nowhere to run. We fight, we suffer along with our loved ones. We hide, they find us, make us suffer along with our loved ones.” I though for a second, “I believe that all the issues that are continuing, they are linked between the realms, like the war going on here between you and NaNa! We are connected, so whatever happens here will exist on Earth.”


“Follow me!” I opened a door with my mind.

“War! The cause of the incapability to acknowledge, respect the other’s way of life. Greed and the desire for dominance, who pays the price? The little people!”

“The undesirables! The produce of corruption, and a failing economy.”

“He can see us or at least he can see me!” I pointed to the boy that was glaring at us. “Every day people around the world are starving, yet the privilege discards enough food to feed everyone.”

“Every single one of us has the power to stop all of this, you, me, NaNa. Yet NaNa has decided to focus all of her attention on her agenda of self-preservation. I tried to hide in the dark from everything. I am still trying to figure out what you’re doing. You want to know where my loyalty lies … With those that are helplessly unable to defend themselves from a force that is to have their best interests at heart! What I have managed to do, that is just the start! Let them come after me; let them waste their efforts on trying to control me! I will not allow them to waver me from the path I have chosen.”

“All of your skills are a combination of all the different groups. Now I see how you could be considered a dangerous weapon. What is even more troublesome is how easily you travel between the realms, I heard you had no mentor, is that true?”

“I am running out of time, let’s head back!” As we were strolling back, I continue to talk. “Rebirth, that is how I was taught. I tried many years to suppress everything. The more I am attacked, the more I remember. Each life I have lived has left an imprint. Some of what I do, it was premeditated others times like what I did by freeing you, that was unknowing. Sometimes I am in control other time not!”