A round-the-world, several individuals are working hard to improve the protection of our environment. Some organizations are seeking proactive action and lifestyle. Each agenda may go on a different path; the goal remains the same.

I hear comments all the time, “why bother doing what you do it does not make a difference?” Well, it is not only to save a buck here and there. It’s not only to give a sense of pleasure or a passion of mine. It is because I do make a difference; the more I practice this lifestyle, others may see the purpose of my actions.

Alex Lin, a name you may have or not have heard. His set goals were to deal with E-Waste. I found this YouTube video explaining what he was doing the video is old, yet very informative, in my opinion. https://youtu.be/zpN0lYXbX9s

Making a change is not easy. It takes time and enthusiasm! Sometimes it is easy others; it takes trial and error until it finally works! No one can force change; change has to be wanted!

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