Both amazing, gorgeous young ladies and the media are either ripping them apart or praising them. Many have picked one side or the other, then to disrespect the other side. I appreciate both young ladies. There are things that both have announced, I disagree with, but they are entitled to their thoughts as I am myself.

Naomi Seibt claims she is “pro-human or climate realist,” looking at more facts and science. The media depicts her as the “Anti-Greta,” the villain and a climate denier. Naomi, wants you to think and ask questions. Though, I am still not sure what her agenda is!

Great Thunberg, few have not heard of her; she is well-known worldwide. The media has depicted a child doing as she is told, unable to think for herself, nothing but a puppet. Greta wants change, a cleaner world for all. Though, I still am not sure how she wants to go about this realistically!

“WHO do you believe?”

In my opinion, both ladies are correct!

Greta is right; things do need to change! She speaks of the climate crisis; I am referring to the whole world. The water is littered with our garbage; the air we breathe is polluted. And the land is not as fertile as it once was. The world continues to become worsen with human activity. This is what we can see with our eyes and science to back it up. But is this all the causes of the climate crisis? Yes and no! There are more factors as to why the world is shifting.

Naomi is as equally correct as well! Fear mongrels, mass hysteria, have stopped many from asking more questions. Believing everything that is rammed down our throats.

Both are using science to explain what is going on. Though I speculate, Naomi is digging deeper into different categories of science. A more detail explanation to calm down the mass hysteria that is filtering around social media. I assume Greta is looking at the common terms if science and numbers to back up her beliefs. She probably has memorized by now the fundamental factors to her fears—the facts that have been preached about for 40 years and some.

I disagree with Greta’s fear mongrel attacks and lectures. She only specks, there are only pictures of her protesting. I have yet to see her digging a hole to plant a tree. Going to a third world country to understand how they are more intuned to the environment yet still adaptable to change. Or standing beside an organization to endorse their eco-friendly products.

I disagree with Naomi when she says car emissions are not harming the environment. cO2 comes from vehicles plus other elements, basic knowledge. cO2 is needed; it is what keeps our planet livable, again basic knowledge. BUT … To say that emissions are not harmful to the environment is a lie, it has contributed to the growing pollution of our air.

I would love to see both Greta and Naomi sit together without any interference from those that promote their cause, alone in a room just talking. I believe that these ladies have more in common then they imagine. They do care genuinely about the people and the globe; it is evident. I think they could do more in one year than any government and corporation could do in one decade.

The best way to change the world is to see it as it really is and not what you want it to be!

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