We females can not avoid it, once a month, Niagra Fall opens its door to the menstrual monster. Here comes the pads and tampons and accessories to bring comfort.

On my journey to being eco-friendly, I have wondered if they have anything for the week of DOOM! The menstrual cup was out of the question. The search was still on

If there were cloth diapers for baby’s, why could there not be something like that for menstrual cycles

It did not take long for me to find what I was preferring for!

Menstrual underwear

They look like, feel like, but they are geared towards the menstrual monster. The prices do vary, from what I have found online. I have yet to go to retail stores asking if they provide this underwear.

The reviews that I had read on this product were very optimistic. I will be the test dummy for all friends, readers and family. Followed by a report on the product and company!

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