Dyi compost bucket

It will be my 4th summer living at my townhouse. I had asked the super if the owners would consider a compost bin. I was told no because of the smell. I laughed so hard, telling her the four large garbage bins would cover the stench that filters into my unit. Once again, I was denied. It would collect bugs. I pointed out that there were already bugs because of the four garbage bins.

SO … I might have been denied a community compost bin BUT what they do not know will not hurt right!?

I ended up putting leaves in a huge garden covered it up with eight bags of black death soil. Long behold, no one figured out what I had done. It was going so well the second summer I built another harder outside of my fence. I blended up eggshells; fruit, veggies, bread crust mixed it up with black earth soil 😆 no one could tell, and man did the earth worms love me along with my cucumber, tomatoes and pea plants!

This summer I am not doing a garden, I have been looking to buy or rent a house with a fenced-in backyard. I want to expand on my planting. Knowing this I wanted to take my hard work at composting with me. I jumped onto YouTube and started to look at different ideas of bucket composting.

The first thing I was worried about was the smell. All winter long, I have been testing out the ratio of soil to compost materials. This is what I found out; any items like fruit and veggies create smell when the ratio is 1:1, coffee and egg shells 1:1 is excellent. Then I tried 2:1 (soil: compost), no scent. I also should mention my place is at 74 degrees, during the summer heat I may have to adjust the ratios.

The bucket was not an issue! I want to take this to wherever I move to so wheels on the bucket were a must. For 45$, I was able to get what I was wanting. Drilling several holes along the side was needed to allow ventilation. We may not see it, but worms and bugs dig underground, allowing airflow; this helps break down materials.

How will I conceal this from my neighbours and the superintendent? Well this is why I blend up all materials, it blends well with soil 😆 I will let you know how much of smell there is once the summer is here and if there is what I did to disguise it!

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