Roughly 4 years ago my friend gave me a juice maker … I fell in love at first sight. Orange juice, grapefruit juice and lemon juice!

With the prices of fresh fruit, I have not been able to have my fresh juice all the time. Last year I decided I NEEDED fruit trees. I did the research, so I would not kill the trees and here is the first of my trees …

This is Louise the lemon tree

I bought this beauty with lemons already growing! She was only 140$ and the perfect addition to the family. In the summer time, she will be outside, joining with my dwarf cherry tree and a blackberry bush.

Next in my list to buy will be an orange tree and grapefruit tree if I have the room I will be getting an apple tree as well.

Hubby said I can buy any plants I want as long as they stay out of bed… 😆 and I am going to hold him to it!


  1. What a great idea! Good luck with the growing 😊
    BTW thank you for the tip on swiping on your previous post, that’s such a useful thing to know! There was no option to leave a comment on that post, hence my comment to the tech on this post.

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