We surround ourselves with violence, bigotry and darkness. We are covering the pain with drug, alcohol and physical abuse. This we call love! It is not love!

Small eyes watch the world waste food, while they are starving. The underprivileged sleep on the streets, we turn a blind eye to their lifestyle saying it is not our problem. Where is our comparison?

Animals are suffering at our hands, endangered animals disappearing every year, we still turn our heads away. Turning fertile green land into malls calling this economic advancement.

I am a statue unable to proceed, wanting to do more, but feel like nothing I do makes a difference! I have so much love to give in a world that is full of hate.

When will the world wake up? Assistance other that is love, protecting all life that is love, taking the time to view the lush green lands finding a solitary moment of peace, that is love!


    1. I try hard not to follow suit, in the last year or so I have found that walking to a different best, others are starting to follow suit with me

      1. well i remember another quote , it said Two roads diverged, and I chose the one less traveled” and that made all the difference 🙂

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