Dear Juillian, I am emailing you to let you know of my unwelcome visit with the Black Widow of Bayair. She gave me an offer that I excepted. If I stay out of her way when she is attacking Akkadia, Fastrial and Zeragil in return; she will not attack any human born.

Dear Zita, are you out of your bloody mind? Little is known about the queen, except that she seems to have unknown powers, and she came out of nowhere. All informants have disappeared and have not been found. She appears out of the darkness and returns just as quickly. She cannot be trusted!

I am not sure which one of you responded to me; I am going to assume that it was Jazzgoth. Of course, she is not to be trusted; she has just as many heads like a hydra. And I do believe you know her Jazzgoth, that is the feeling that I get. She seems to identify you, something about being born and bred for magick and killing, does this make any sense to you? Next question, do you know how long she has been studying everything?

Dear Zita, I highly recommend that you do not engage in any further contact with the Queen. You have no idea how dangerous she is. If she is indeed who I believe she to be, we are all in a great deal of trouble. She is coming back to collect what she believes is hers.

Juillian/ Jazzgoth, do keep into consideration that she has attacked me while I was sleeping, each time it had scared the pajiba out of me, each time I have been successful. I will agree with you; she is something not to be trusted. When it comes to power, all it is is a bunch of fancy words meant to frighten the opponent. She has to touch you to get any information. Her ability to fight is average; the only thing she may have in advantage is her speed. And let us agree on one thing when it comes to strategy and war, everything is a copy of a copy, nothing is originally anymore! That includes her movement!

Dear Zita, sometimes you blow my mind, the information that you have is pretty much the same as ours. I am starting to think that we should have gone to you to gather information. If Xisnos ever gets over his ego complex, I might start going to you.

Jazzgoth, Ego is not just the only issue Xisnos has! It astonishing how blind he is, the crazy queen has always been around; her tactics are so plain and simple. For example, you said that she shows up out of nowhere… Well, nowhere is rate under your noises. She is using illusion to hide and appear. As we speak, she is getting ready for her next attack. She has been watching all the coming and going in the area. The line of communication is telepaths! And for the troop’s position, a long time ago, I spotted them with eas, look for a slight shimmer. She is on the utter rim of all matter, visible to those that can see.

The information that you have is great; you want to know what would be better?

Seriously Juillian/ Jazzgoth, do you expect me to answer that? I am chocolate-covered evil; there is nothing that could make me better!

Well, my dear, there are two things now you need to fix, your ego and temper!

Ego and temper both agreed that you are blind; I am perfect in all ways! But seriously, Jazzgoth, you need to watch out; she is going to attack and very soon. The only defence you have are your troops and … What do you call those that will power? I will call them elementals. I am sure that you know this; still, I am going to say something; the queen likes to make her attacks look like they are at random. The reality, there is a pattern to her madness. Look in the direction of Zeragilian, that is your 12 o’clock! First struck is 12 then 2,10,3,9,5,7,1,11,4,8. I am more than positive that if you look back at all the times she attacked, you will find that all these entry points where hit in this order. It may seem confusing, but it is not!

I will have to look into this and see if there is any truth behind this. See you in five days love

I am not your love!

What one second, if you made an agreement with the Queen, why are you talking to me?

Wow, it took you four days to think of this! Jazzgoth, you really do not think outside of the box! She said to stay out of her way when she attacks! Nowhere in this verbal agreement did she state there could be no conversations with her enemies. See you in four days

It was brought to my attention during a briefing. Been busy getting the last minute details done. See you in three days LOVE

I am not your love

Is it possible for you to put aside time for a meeting? I know shovelling sheep scat is the only fun you are having lately but the Us’us council would like a meeting with you. See you in two days LOVE

Setting aside time is not a problem, call me love one more time, and I am going to bury your corpse in sheep scat…see you in two days J/J

I have made arrangements with Brianna to be at your place for 8 pm. We will not have to leave the land, you know the drill see you in a couple of hours MY LOVE

You’re dead!