Canada is heating up faster than all other countries!

The Northern Hemisphere has it’s summer from June till September, while the Southern Hemisphere gets there summer from December till March. Most would assume that regardless of latitude, the North and South would be equal in hottest, not true, the North is!

Logically both should be as equally as hot, same amount of time for summer, same energy from the sun. Yet this is not the case!

What is the difference that would cause such a difference?

Land and Water Ratio!

The Northern Hemisphere is made up of more land, while the Southern Hemisphere has a great deal of water. When the sun’s energy hits Earth, the area will heat up faster while retaining the heat; at the same time will cool off faster than water. The Southern Hemisphere is the opposite; the water takes longer to heat up, yet does not cool off as quickly.

Let’s compare the two larger countries. Russia being the largest country, and Canada is second. Both are in the Northern Hemisphere, at anytime there is ice, snow and land exposure. Those are the similarities. The difference is Russia has more land closer to the Arctic, which is covered with ice and or snow. Versus Canada, there is not a lot of areas close to the Arctic and more land exposure.

With a great deal of Russia covered by snow and ice, the sun’s ray will bounce off the snow and ice, going back up into the atmosphere, meaning that the snow and ice will heat up, not fast. Canada’s landmass does not have the depth of snow and ice, the heat from the sun melts the snow, land is exposed with more landmass exposed.

So yes, Canada is heating up faster than any country. When you look at the facts of science and geography, there could be no other country that can warm up and cool off as rapidly.

Even though Canada is third-highest for tree population, a lot of homes and businesses are using gas, over 26 million vehicles are being utilized, less than 11% of recycled materials are being reused, eco-friendly homes are climbing in popularity. Change is happening just slowly!

To the teachers and extreme environment activists, that want to educate the young children about global warming and the climate crisis, I fully agree. Use the data and science to back up the changes, but do not forget to add in the other factors. That being land to water ratio, earth history, and our part in the changes that are affecting our land air and waters. Remember the children are not the government nor large corporations, they do not deserve your anger. My daughter’s teacher had her in tears because she thought she was going to die in 10 years if she did not change her ways now!