Keep a low profile he said, stay out of trouble he said… Losing my marbles, I say! A man’s mind is like one marble in a jar spinning around, and they are happy to live like that. Females have several marbles going in all directions all the time, and we are so glad to live like that. Usually, this would not bother me; two months of not getting off the hobby farm, I am one puff from being cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

I am a rat caught in my trap, the making of my demise. Making it that I had plenty of room to walk, I create the wall of protection around myself. In the back of my head, I was thinking that Peter would not mind getting items from the stores for me. I could keep myself safe along with others by staying in my bubble. What I did not think of was how long I would have to wait like this.

I could step out onto the road, but at what cost? Playing with fire is a dangerous game, and if you do not know the rules, you will burn!

I needed a hobby… That did not consist of my banging my head off the walls.

The Us’us decided that it would be a grand idea to educate me correctly on the activities of the councils in concerns of policies and power. The soul individual that controls everything is Nana. Not only is she capable of creating her strength, but she also uses others as well. Those that do not follow her tend to disappear. For the longest time, she was considered the strongest until I opened the wooden door. With this being said, the threat over my head would only be authorized if Nana gave consent.

For the longest time, she had everyone believe that she controlled everything. What others failed to see was there are factors that our out of her reach of domestic.

Just recently, Wawa took control over Akkadia, without a debate. Nana still tries to sway the decisions of Akkadia, Wawa has made it abundantly clear that any relations between Akkadia and Fastrial have been rescinded. Zeragil and Akkadia share the same power system. Meaning whatever happens to one location will be the result to the other. Until Akkadia can slice the umbilical cord, they have to remain neutral. The Us’us has been bothered by Nana and Gareth, they have demanded Us’us follow their order or face the consequences. Us’us have, at this point, chose not to engage in any dispute involving Nana and Wawa. Us’us have chosen to enforce the contract that was agreed to, leaving Us’us a neutral party, which leaves the Bayairs and their crazy queen. She is a threat to everyone who stands in her way. She has the army and power to go after all beings of existence.

Which brings me to a dream that I had of her.

We were in her cave; no one was there. She got to the point of her summoning me. She needed me to step out of her way while she attacked her enemies, those being the Akkadians, Fastrials and Zeragilians. If I did that, she would not attack any of my friends, bloodline and myself.

I told her that I would stay out of the way if she did not attack any human born. Evidently, that was not her deal. I pointed out with all contracts; there is room for negotiations. If she wanted me out of the way, she would have to agree to my wishes. In a huff, she agreed to my demand.

Do I trust her… Not a chance!