Our universe was born of chaos; Earth transformed itself with violence. Anomalocaris, considered to be the top apex predator of its time. Five hundred million years ago, the king of the aquatic world.

Theropods were the kings of the Triassic period. As time went by, they evolved into more famous creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex being the last if it’s family tree.

Preditors at the top of the food chain changed as time continues to move forward. Many alpha predators would go extinct and replaced by kin. The balance of predator and prey fluctuates each year. A preditors success rate usually is low; they spend more days hunting verse eating. Those that hunt in packs tend to be more successful.

Of our time, humans are on the top of the apex predator chain. With no known enemy to keep our population under control, we continue to expand at a rapid pace.

What makes us different from other apex killers… Creatures that prowl the land glide in the sky swim the waters hunt for survival and rights to hunting turf. Though some humans hunt for survival, some are also serial killers looking for a thrill and trophies even out of anger and irritation.

Our only enemy is environmental disasters, warfare, famine and diseases. When these things challenge our way of life, we respond with fear and lash out. We forget our humanity and our true nature is displayed.

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