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There are many species of locust, creating havoc wherever they swarm. They are harmless to humans, but when it comes to vegetation, they can eat one farmer’s field up in one day. What makes locust such a manic is the multitudes they travel in, plus the distance they can fly. This year the desert locus is invading different locations if Africa, the fear of famine seeps into many minds.

Every year the desert locus appears some years worse than others. 2003-2005 the desert locust hit many Western African locations, creating a negative impact of food security.

Since the twentieth century, desert locust plagues occurred from 1926-1934, 1940–1948, 1949–1963, 1967–1969, 1987–1989 and 2003-2005. It is understandable why this epidemic would be called a crisis.

In some locations, pesticides are being used to deal with the locus epidemic. In other areas where pesticides can not be used, farmers are working hard to shoo away the desert Locust. From running around, waving of arms, banging on pans, the farmers are doing their best to save their crops.

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