I get a phone call from my daughters school on Monday, it was the principle, he had left a message for me. “I know that we talked about this last year, your daughter Skylar walking home by herself. We just think that she is to young to be walking home alone by herself. We want to know what arrangements you have made for Skylar so that she is not walking by herself?”

Now first off, I live across the street from the school. I can see the school front entrance from my bedroom window. It is a two minute walk … two minutes! Once I see my little girl walk of the front door of the school, I go to the end of my drive way, wait for my daughter to cross at the crossing guard, usher my daughter to me, and go inside.


I might be wrong … maybe they are right BUT one of the biggest issues with children is low self esteem! Parents want to bubble wrap kids and protect them from everything.

Here is the problem, if you do not allow a child the sense of independency, that child grows up unable to care for themselves. They rely on everyone else to care for them while they play video games all day long.

So I had to write a NICE letter to my daughters teacher, what I said was “So that Skylar is allowed to have the sense of independence, she is able to walk to school and home by herself. I have neighbours, friends and myself watching out for her safety.” I had to make the note pleasant, I do have to deal with this school for the next couple of years … I think!

I had the note to my daughter, she reads it and I ask her if her teacher said anything to her. She was like “yeah, mommy she asked me if I walk home?”


I was like “What did your teacher expect you to fly home, nah wait … crawl home!” I am really starting to question the intelligence of those that are in charge of educating the children!


  1. Exactly!!! That’s how I teach independence to my children too! Especially in regards to their school work…. they are responsible for bringing and doing of anything from school… I don’t pack their bags only their lunches…. they are older now so since grade 3 I gave them their responsibility

    1. I have to remind her what to do, but my daughter gets everything done by herself. Others might say she is too young, but I believe in responsible. At the same time, she has a lot of self confidence,, and she stands up for what she believes in and her friends.

  2. The school and the teacher are attempting to retard this child’s development. By third grade their character is pretty well formed. If they can’t manage simple actions like crossing a street, going directly home, etc, they are not prepared to take on the greater problems of life and probably will always be dependent.

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