I waited in silence, the same location at which I opened the wooden door. Revenge! That is what I want rate now, but I am a realistic thinker, which means I will be more logical in my next movement. To this point in time, my defence has been based all emotional. I comprehend that… they have to notice that as well. Which makes it appear that I am unschooled in the art of magick. I guess in a sense they are right, this life I am uneducated, but my predecessor before, Zita Elizabeth Fox, they knew what the next rebirth could hold. So they devised a safeguard for the next one in line. When attacked, small pieces of what was of the past would be released. They are giving the new heir of power the time to adjust. The transformation may not happen at all, that would only be if I were to die as a child. Year’s to understand everything that is going on. In this case, it took years! It did not help I tried to forget; I did not ask for this. I did not want to be apart if this chaos, it seems though destiny has a different plan for me. Chronologically speaking, my memories are scattered all over the timeline. Everything the masters knew and wanted to share, I recall and have mastered. The most important message that all of them have relayed throughout the times, ‘I can not exist in the same location as Nana.’

Here I stand contemplating my existence and wondering if it is even worth the struggles — all of this death over differences of wants and needs. We are to be divine creatures of the University, birthed from the bowels of darkness into the light. Entities struggling for supremacy, devouring what does not bow and conform, it is discarded and forgotten about. The remains of what was floating in the abyss of matter and darkness. ‘Why do I fight so hard?’ That question, I guess, will have to wait. Though I only summoned Gareth, it seems as others will be joining this little chit that.

Nana of Fastrial, General Xisnos of Akkadian, Gareth of Zeragil, had joined the circle. I did not care why the other two joined; my words we’re for Gareth. I materialized the five skulls of his troops, rolling them towards Gareth. “Gareth, kepting to your terms of revenge, I have continued to mine as well. I claim the rights to defend my life at any cost that it should take.” I swear he had pissed himself, the stench of fear could have been sliced with a blade. “I care not if you continue to send your sons and daughters to their death by my hand but know this before you proceed with your revenge, it is not I that wishes you death but Blair of Bayair, the queen… She will see you all dead before I ever would.”

“Humans are nothing but food… You are nothing but food. Before the night is over, you will learn your place little piglet.” I swear his voice was that of a serpent. “You wager war with a great nation! Others before you have failed to bring us down, and I will crush you like the little insect you are. You may have power but it is not enough!”

I smiled sweatily; I tried very hard to play the ignorant card, didn’t work out too well, to be honest. One of my weaknesses is my temper. When it builds, I have this nasty habit of talking far too much and the truth. “How long has it been… 26 years and going… You have tried many different tackles to bend me. You have not been able to succeed, yet here I stand before you. The problem with you, Gareth, you are overconfident, and you believe that you are above all, even the universe herself. Try as you may try as you might, you will fall before I die. And for wagering war, you called that yourself, not I!” Before I left the location, “Gareth, do you know who your enemies are? I do; you should too!”

I walked passed Gareth, hoping that only he would be able to hear me, “have fun getting your bubble up before the crazy queen come and attacks you again.” The energy in the hole location started to flicker, bit by bit, the power faded. “I am a woman that keeps to her words and I never break a promise.”

“A word of advice for you child, make sure you have back up for your threats; you will need them for when you sleep at night!” General Xisnos spoke clearly, but it was not his words I was listening to but the message in between the lines.

I nodded my head so that he would know I read between the lines. And I gave him a friendly warning as well. “The queen is coming, do not underestimate the power she has. At this point, by myself, even I would have trouble defending myself, most likely would have to run and fight a different day.”

Tree of Life

When I open my eyes, there were several Us’us warriors around the area. I have to admit; I think I shit myself, I knew that I was told I would have protection while I was sleeping, I did not realize it was going to be at this second. Needless to say, I was thankful that they were not upset with me. I did kind of cause some issues for them.

From the other side of the tree, Juillian asked me if I was done. He wanted to get me back to safety before anything else should happen. Getting up, I told him to lead the way to the car.

While driving, he informed me that he would have to go back. Once he had figured things out, he would be staying at Brianna’s house. I must have had a look that said, ‘I have no ideas why you would come back’ because I did not say anything. He chuckled, not the kind if oh this his absolutely hilarious but the other sort of chuckle. “You have no idea how important you are to us. All you have to do is walk into a room, and we are ready to go to war. You could tell us to farm the fields and we would do it.”

I could not believe the crock of dung coming out if his mouth. Something I thought would never happen, he went all serious on me. “It is not easy to rattle Gareth even more so Nana. When you opened the wooden door, the tables turned. Fact is, you slipped up…” I was waiting for Juillian to gather the rest of his thoughts. “Going to Brianna’s gathering, last year… Do you know what your pheromones told me… You were not all as you seem! It was not your words but the lack of your words.”

“I had never thought about what I smelled like. I have a shower every day and brush my teeth before bed. How could you have known by my smell?” Jullian smiled at me for a brief second, then focused back on the road. “A well train nose can smell their prey; the hunter can tell if their meal is healthy or not, if the female is in heat and more! I knew you were a very extended but still a blood relative of mine. What I did not understand was the smaller variables. Over time, that too, I found an answer.” The road felt as it would continue to go straight without any turn. I sat for several minutes, thinking about what Juillian had said.

Out of nowhere, I started to laugh; once I gained control over myself, I explained to Juillian why I was laughing. All the times the Zeragilian have attacked me, they just could not connect the dots. Jullian meets me only once and connects the dots. “How have they remained in power for so long with only a lick if intelligence?”

“They are not the ones that are in charge; Nana is the one that all fear. Well, except for a few, even the few, it is not enough until I found you. Zita, you are the one that she could not control. Nana would say do this; you would say no. Go left, she would say to you, and of course, you go in a different direction. What was so striking about you was how similar you two were, almost like twins minus the age difference. Nana called you once her only true daughter, the only gift that was perfect in every way.” He paused for a while, “we will soon be back to the farmhouse if at all possible could you keep a low profile.”

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