I had never felt so cold! Death has knocked at my door countless times. I always believed that the face of death was the Zeragilians; I am starting to think twice. The man on the stone chair, there’s something about him that sent shivers down my spine. The last time I felt this was at the wooden door — the one with the red eyes peering through my soul.

‘Who are you?’ I could fill him digging around, trying to get into my mind. Just my luck, with all the continues attacks from the Zeragil’s, I have learned to notice the slightest hint of a psychic attack. Squirm around all you wish; you will find no knowledge that I do not give out voluntarily. I, on the other hand, know who he is. Wawa, trillions and billions of eons ago was my brother, lover, my mentor. The master of darkness and all that lies in its path. The ruler and protector of the things, some many fear — the other half of the balance that I have so longed wanted.

Behind me, I heard a familiar voice, “brother, I see you have met in person the girl I spoke of” Jazzgoth stepped in front of me, “Zita, the human born. The child that the Zeragil fear.” There was fear plastered all over Jazzgoth face. “We have to go now Zita, Gareth is keeping to his words of revenge. He knows you have left the farm. As we speak, there is an army sent out to claim your death.” Wawa laughed; they can not get here; they would not dare!” My mind was racing, energy spiralling in circles in both directions, ” trust me when I say this, they have spent a lot of time and no expense to get at me! They are a parasite that has proven to be very resourceful. Never underestimate your enemies, that would be your down full.”

I do not know if it was panic, fear or frustration in Jazzgoths voice; he had spent little time trying to usher me out of this cave. To no avail, Gareth’s troops found me.

It is incredible how many emotions one person can feel in less than a minute. Fear, they found me with little effort, and I placed the Us’us in danger for my curiosity. Sadness, I will never be able to get them off my back, unless I am willing to spend the rest of my life on a plot of land, being my prison. Anger, I wanted them dead. No, I did not want them dead; I wanted the one that made the order dead. To get to him, I would have to kill many more, which brought me back to sadness. All this death and destruction, is there anything else out there worth existing for? The five troops spoke the words that they were told to recite. The Us’us warriors did not have the chance to react.

I did what I do best; I protected myself; it is the only way I know how to survive. I do not want to kill a mother or father, son or daughter; it is my right as a living entity to fight back. I made a chose to stand tall and claim my right to independence as they have made their decision to stand and take orders from those that sit above their heads. It is not right that I should have to take their energy, but for survival reasons alone, I will take their power and make it mine.

Less than a minute, that is all it took! I slowly stumbled over to the five chard bodies, tears of anger rolling down my face. How can one body hold so much anger, sadness and empathy all at once without exploring? I guess this is the curse of a human heart. I placed my hands over the top of their remains, “please forgive me for what I have done!”

I made a mental note that once I get home I needed to plant five tree seeds. If I am forced to take a life, the least I can do is give something back in return. I reverted my attention to Jazzgoth, angry and disappointment filled my very body, “I warned them, if they continue to attack me or bother me, I would fight back. I am tired of being their punching bag.” I wiped my face dry, “they can not afford to fight the Bayair Queen and me at the same time, they will have to choose who it is they fear most. If I were them, I would focus my attention on her. She is the face of death. She wants them dead; I want to be left alone.”

Jazzgoth rubbed his face with his hands, “keeping you alive is going to be a handful this I can tell. Gareth will not take kindly to this. He has already been starting demanding more from Xisnos. Nana is demanding answers; your only true help here is me! You have chosen not to pick a side, and frankly, that does not place you in a position of safety.” I chose my words carefully; I did not want to fan the flames anymore. “Starters, Gareth has no idea who I am. Next, you do not need to keep me alive; I have survived this long with no one. Last, have you not noticed since the last attack, the Bayair Queen has not been seen nor heard from? Tell Gareth he might want to ask why?”

Jazzgoth snorted, shaking his head, “you arrogant little…” Hands-on my hip, I steaded my posture and tone of voice, “universal mishap!” I had finished his sentence. Whether he was going to say that or not, I am not sure not did I care. “News flash Jazzgoth, I know what I am doing, the question is, do you? Where do your loyalties lie? Will you run and hide under a rock when everything goes wrong, or will you stand and fight? I genuinely do not give a shit! I know who I am! You can thank Gareth and his council thugs for that. Every bruise, threat and cut they have ever sent my way has opened one more memory, one more shitty even that I have to endure.” My temper we rising, and my mind was flooding with memories of the past. “If they had only left me alone as I begged for, I would have never woken up. The suppressed emotions and desires would not be alive. I lived so many lives burying this darkness to live a happy existence.” I took the time to compose myself once more, “rule one, know your enemies and never underestimate them. Rule two never enter the battlefield with anger insight; you are asking for an early grave. Rule three, know the battlefield like you know your enemies, it will be the difference between life and death should that path come your way. Last, of all, my alliance has never changed; each life it has always been the balance of all realms.” I pivited slightly, you know I change my mind, I do not need you to deliver Gareth the bad news, I will do it myself!”

I did not stay to listen to any more words; I brought myself back to the physical realm. It was at most five minutes of my eyes closed; it felt like an hour or two. I walked out of the found a spot under a shady tree, closed my eyes. I was heading to the quote-unquote neutral ground. There I was going to summon Gareth.