I am totally excited that Prince Harry and his family are moving to Canada part-time. I know that there are a few discrepancies that have to be worked out. The biggest issue we Canadians have is with the security and who is paying for it.

If they are looking for more of a relaxed happy go lucky atmospheric… Canada is the place to move to.

I know a lot of Brits are upset with this news but come on be realistic… The signs were there that this was going to happen. Harry is so much like his mother; it is not funny. If I had lost my mother the way he did, I would make the same decision as he has.

And I know oh so many are pointing fingers are Megan saying how bad she is! What a dysfunction family she comes from… Um, we all have skeletons in our closets! What does it matter, Harry is happy that is all that matters!

So welcome to 🇨🇦

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