Custody battles are brutal; to begin with; it is even harder when there is a child or children involved. Many times in this situations; it is the child that hurts the most with both parents continuously fighting. Custody battles last for months, even years. Far too many times, the ex-wife is unrealistic. From child support alimony to even visitation rights, the ex-wife will put stipulations and try to enforce them. Many times even the judge will be unrealistic siding with the mother of the child(ren).

Talk about booting a man in the balls while he is already on the floor.

Though one thing that is not discussed is when a man kills himself over a custody battle, the system in all countries needs to be equal. A man’s rights are human rights; females rights are human rights.

Below are two articles that I heard of, one is of a Blackpool UK man and the other is a BC Canada man.

Feminists scream for equal rights… There can be no equal rights until we have human rights for both sexes.

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