Everyone prays… to what and for what, that is what makes us different. My mother prayed for health. Others for profit, land, freedom, a loved one to come back home safe from surfing their country. Whatever it may be, it is their personal wishes. I wish for extinction to the corruption.

No country is totally free of corruption; it comes in different ways and the scales of proportion. The majority of the time, it is dishonesty presented by a person or organization of authority. They abuse their power for their personal gain or the influence of an event, ranging from domestic to global power.

Corruption looks like Embezzlement, nepotism, smuggling, extortion, cronyism, kickbacks, deception, fraud, squandering public money, illegal business transactions, stock manipulation and real estate fraud

If the interest is greater than the penalty, multiple by the likelihood of being caught and prosecuted, the individual or group will go ahead with the action.

The list of possible causes for corruption can go on forever. My top thought for corruption is higher marketing and political monopolization, poverty, political instability, lack of education, and lack of commitment to society.

Reliable public information would provide a better way to fight corruption by making available government officials’ actions to the public. Reducing their misbehaviour and making them liable for their actions, promoting the government to lead the way by example in order to enhance integrity. Doing this will encourage citizens to become more proactive with their communities and government, as well as neighbouring countries.

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