Cave had had a significant impact on our history. It sheltered humans, some provided water, and if the cave had water, it also attracted food. It was also believed that caves had magick; some believe that entities dwelled in caves or used the caves as a gateway between our realm and theirs.

I would have preferred to have gone to the oldest cave system that is known, the Devetashka the Balgarian caves. Sadly, to plan a sudden trip was not ideal. To get all the paper work completed, making sure all i’s are sorted and t’s crosssed, that would take far to much time. I wanted answers then and there. Waiting roughly six months was out of the question.

Victory’s day, I had taken a trip to the Tyendinage Caves. Being Ontario’s oldest natural cave and cavern system. Stepping on to the 60 acres of land, the energy was similar to that of Peter’s property. The park area was beautiful, plenty to see. The caves, on the other hand, in my opinion, was not long enough, at least the guide was pleasant.

The fossils, history and the scenery that was not the reason I had come here, I needed answers. I was looking for a particular entity. Wandering through the caves, I was searching for the oldest of magick, the visitors followed the guide faithfully like little puppies.

The atmosphere was already chilly, where I stood, the temperature dropped. A shimmer of invisible lights danced in front of me. It was not a being that presented itself to me, but an entrance, with a snap of a finger time, slowed down.

A low voice spoke to me, “who are you?” I uttered my name and inquired about talking to the one that leads his people. It felt like many minutes had gone by before I heard another voice. ” chaos…lies…death that is all you humans breath. Though you Zita, you bring more, you are worse then all, you have chosen to dance where no other would dare go. How dare you think you can defy the order and believe there would be no consequence for your actions.”

“You have spent so long trying to get my attention. Here I am, but before I waste any more of my costly time listening to your gibberish bull. Tell me a story of Nana and the mass murder of the giants!” Several different voices we mumbling in the shimmering light. Shock turned into fear; fear turned to wrath. The cave transformed itself in my mind; I had been granted entrance into their realm. In front of me, a male sat on a stone chair, standing to his right was a female. Thousands of entities surrounded me to my left, behind and right side.

When I brought my attention back to the man on the chair, a woman that I had seen so many times in my dreams materialized. At the same time, the lady standing beside the man bellowed, “how dare you summon our Lord and Master, you human filth!” The woman placed her one hand up in the air to silence the lady. The woman’s lips did not move, but I did hear her voice in my head. “Zita, it is so lovely to see you safe and well, but you need not have travelled all this way to speak with me. We could have spoken at the safety of your home.”

“The vile rodent dared to enter our land, bringing along with her nothing but ill manners and nonsense!” The lady’s voice echoed in the cavern. I directed my spiteful glare to her as I slowly took three steps forward. “If all humans are the same in your viewpoint, I would say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Though I would have to say, your likeness is very similar to that if Nana.” I observe the aura colour change in this lady. “Oh, and by the looks of things, you are not able to control your disposition well at all other. Pitty, you would think that something as old as you would have better taste then cheap poor wine.” I stepped closer to the woman that I had seen so many times before.

“I have changed my mind; I do not want to know if what I saw was real. You opening your doors is confirmation enough for me. The fear of Nana’s name is enough to confirm her character to me. I just want one last thing answered if you do not mind, the giants, are they the offspring of the fallen and humans?” I had never seen so much remorse in this woman’s eyes. Her statue changed from confident to embarrassment. “Yes, they were! Everything you visualized is correct. I am deeply sorry about my involvement; I wish I had been stronger to say no.” I cut her off, “we can play the pity party and the what-if game. In the end, what has been done can not be undone. The next question we need to ask is why are they so bloody desperate for my compliance?”

The male spoke up, “you already know that answer stop being foolish. It is your energy they desire.” We glared at each other, sizing and comparing making assumptions and speculating what move the other will make next. “No, I understand the behaviour traits of an assassin and an animal going after a kill. A killer will set their sights on the prey the pray gets away; the killer may try again once or twice, but after that, they lose interest and move on. By every right they should have given up on me, this is personal for them.” The woman looked over her shoulder to the man then at me. “How much of your lives do you remember?”

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