Items that are plugged in all the time in my house that sit idle for hours even days:

1. Cellphone cord – .5 watts X 6= 3
2. Laptop – 1 watt
3. Microwave – 1 watt
4. Coffee Maker – 1 watt
5. Tv – 1 watt – X3= 3
6. Fan – 1 watt -X2= 2
7. Freezer – 1 watt X 2= 2
8. Washer – 1 watt
9. Dryer – 1 watt
10. Dehumidifier – 1 watt
11. Air purifier – 1Watt
12. Fish tank pump – 1 watt
13. Oil burner – 1 watt
14. Stove – 1 watt
15. Fridge – 1 watt
16. Furnace – 1 watt
17. Water heater – 1 watt
18. Toaster – 1 watt

• Total of electronic devices is 25
• Times that by 30 days, 750 watts being used
• Times that by 10 cents that is 7.50
• Times that by 12 months that equals 90$

These are just items that are plugged into the wall not being used. We all use electricity; it just something we can not avoid. There is though a way for us not to give money unnecessary money to the hydro companies.

All my friends laughed at me. Told me I was overdramatic. If I was to save money, go and buy energy-saving light bulbs. Guess what I did that many years ago, my bill kept on climbing. The struggle is real, as the hydro company rates the cost, my bank account is crying. Even though I keep my lights off during the day time, I am utilizing the natural sun to light up my house. Try to cook meals at low Peak rates. I was doing my laundry on low Peak rates or the weekend. Nothing helped, it was like the company was seeing how much less energy could be used, then up the prices, because we were using less and they wanted more money.

At every outlet in my house, I have a power bar. When something isn’t in use, the power bar is switched off. It might not look like 1 watt is a lot, add up all of your devices, the numbers start to change.

My hydro bill for August was 135$, September 98$, October 75$, November 79$. My typical usage of hydro is 900 watts per month.

My friends are not laughing at me anymore, not since I broke everything down for them, as I have for you.


  1. Littel things are mostly ignored and these little adds up to so much more and when we look in terms of all the figures will be mind-boggling. Great & very sensible post. Thanks for sharing.

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