As you may know, I spend a lot of my time researching and finding ways to be eco-friendly. For some time, I have known the effects of burning wood. Hands down, I love fire; having a fire is one of my go-to for relaxation. A friend that sells wood stoves and fireplaces for a living told be about wood bricks. Pretty much it is 100% recycled wood waste, compacted into a burnable material that is to be more safer to heat your house.

I thought this was pretty cool! I do not have a fireplace, but I do love my fire pit. I was on the hunt down for wood bricks. It was this weekend while shopping for a spade bit that I found what I was looking for. At Canadian tire, for 5.99 plus tax, roughly coming to 8.95, you get only four bricks. I started to laugh. My better half was like, why are you laughing? I told him, “for 15 logs of wood, at 10 dollars, buying logs is cheaper. Why would anyone with a brain to use, buy this?” Bless his big heart, he pointed out, you would spend any amount of money for the sense of doing good.

I breathed in, out… Steam coming out of my nose, stomping my feet. The next thing I said hand this gorgeous man spraying his mouth full of coffee everywhere, laughing and trying to get me to lower my temper. He is guiding me out if the store as I am venting.

I was like “money grabbing crotch goblins, playing on people’s empathy to do better. So these corporations can line their pockets with more money and pat themselves on the back, saying how they are doing their part to help the environment. I am going to do something about this!”

We got home finished my log candle, and more research was my goal. Paper products, wood chips or sawdust, pretty much any biodegradable material that you can burn. With a lot of waiting and improvising, I came up with my rendition of the wood brick. A lot of DIY videos called this bio briquette.

I still have to test my rendition out; if I can get this to work, I will get a better system going on. Once the weather is agreeable, I will let everyone know how this works.

By far they do not look pretty lol I kind of blew the motor of my blender when I put cardboard in. The point is they are solid and ready to go 😁

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