While cleaning the house, I came across fire logs that somehow I managed to forget about this log. I was kind of upset that I did not burn this beautiful log in the fire pit.

That is when this bright idea crept into my idle mind, what if I made it into a candle holder, then it will burn whenever I want it too. Seriously how hard could that be…. Right

Bhaaaa! A sharp spade slipped and hit my finger. I miss judged the power of the drill, and it went flying. To make matters worse, I bought the wrong spade bit, so I gladly went back to the hardware store to get what was needed.

I personally love the result of my woodwork. If I do something like this again, there are things I would change. Like making the candle holds more straight, possibly adding in fake moss. I was even thinking about carving a wolf into the wood, making it a candle holder. My better half was concerned about my safety.

End result of my work
Two days later after hand meets spade bit lol

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