Jullian only had copies of the original artwork that he presented to me. There had been 3 pieces of artwork from an associate of his he had told me that his name was Eric. I held the first piece it was very well done if I were a collector of art I would for sure by this.

Holding the art, my mind started to take me to where Eric plus working. It was just an art studio with all the supplies that any artist would need. Then I became Eric. I started picturing in my mind exactly what was to be painted on the canvas. My eyes became his eyes; I could see exactly what it was that he envisioned to be on his canvas.

Darkness covered the surroundings, insignificant specks of matter shinned when they came inches from my body. Rapidly the specks of dust collided together, growing in size, moving counterclockwise. Swirling clouds of multiple colours, purple, white, blue, red, moving around in front of me. Somehow my being in this location and the matter had a reaction, almost like a symbiotic relationship. Spheres formed; the whirling pockets of gas clouds introduced themselves. Larger spheres consumed small, weak, docile objects. So much violence, yet this in an odd sense, was beautiful. Something that cannot be controlled by man. Life is neutral, with no bias judgement, it gives and takes equally.

Hours went by until everything seemed to settle flowing perfectly. I hovered over our Earth and moon. I could see a Galaxy swirling with beauty and glory not too far from our sun, moons and planets. A large mass of gas clouds stars and planets, this divided a large chunk of space. On the other side of this gas cloud their I saw Zeragill and all of the others.

I had always pictured Zeragill, Fastriel and Akkadian to be separate small planets. Eric had seen them in a different light. They lived altogether on one massive giant planet, very much like our own. Full of life, various species of plants, trees and shrubs, and animals. What I had visioned was not as pleasant as this. I had preferred Eric’s warm fuzzy rendition versus mine.

Several streams of lights went from the Earth to this location, connecting both worlds with the glory of this energy. Circling this one massive planet, were 10 moons roughly earth-moon size. Two giant stars close together, surpassing the sun we know. Countless small stars, all of this was in a ring of a thick gas cloud, rotating around this planet.

This is what Eric had painted!

The next piece of artwork was not as detailed as the first one. But it still had great importance to Eric. Once again, my eyes became Eric’s, seeing what he saw.

I was standing at a door entrance; behind me, I could see Earth. I heard the voices of people, many different languages being spoken. Behind me, the Earth was being covered with a white mist, visions of the dead walked around in this mist. The ones that understood what was going on were very pissed that they were trapped, unable to move on. The others just excepted what was happening, bowing down to the inevitable.

Turning my back to the entrance, I waited for the black mass in front of me to change. Below my feet, a rush of energy came up, bellowing a warning to turn back. Trust not the words that are spoken, trust not what they want me to see, to turn back and never return, or I would become apart of the damned.

The planet from before was in front of me. This time it was translucent, with a figure in the fetal position. Another door entrance was showing itself, just off to the right size. A bridge was forming from this entrance to the one I was standing at. Heading my way were two bright translucent figures. Both of them holding a crystal.

A dense wall of mist formed, a funnel-shaped as the crystals grow closer to where I stood. The entities behind me started to moan, it was like they were in a lot of discomforts as their energy was being depleted from around them. The rattling of chains could be heard from below me. Laughter escaped the mouths of the two figures near me. It was a laugh of pleasure, the kind of joy that only they felt. It made me sick to think they were enjoying the discomfort of others.

Soon the pathway and door would be gone; everything was back to the way it was. There I stood at the entrance of a doorway, with nothing but a hollow sensory to glare at. Only the grumbling of vocal cords reminded me that there still were entities around, unseen to me, neither the less still around.

This was another dream of Eric’s. I have to say, I very much preferred his first piece of work.

The last work of art was much more disturbing. The area was surrounded by trees and vines. Four figures stood out the most. Vines wrapped around the arms and legs of a male, making it very difficult for him to move. Another male, the vines, had the chance to cover a lot more of the body. The next, the vines were guiding the male body to the ground floor. The last, majority of the male body had been covered with vines.
That is when I realized that all the hills between the trees were not soil, but the bodies of humanoids. They were being buried alive it was not a few individuals but close to 50 possibly 100 bodies. This place is a mass burial ground of a brutal murder, these individuals did not have a chance to fight back or survive.

Eric’s eyes showed me what he was seeing, what message he was trying to tell with this painting.

I stepped into this wooded area, it appeared to be like other woods that I had visited in the past. I started to hear the noise of crunching branches, the rustling of leaves, deep laughs from males followed by speech that I did not understand. From the ground floor, the Us’ Us greeted the party of individuals. These males stood so tall; I would guess at least seven feet, maybe nine feet tall. They were giants compared to me. The tone did not tell me that the group of males was in danger. I saw the vines moving, I knew what was coming. This was a trap, the males did not have a chance, they went to this location with no weapons.

A translucent figure started to form once all the males were bound to the Earth’s floor. When the form had solidified more, I knew who it was, Nana! She was pleased with what the Us’ Us had accomplished. First, she thanked them, she could not have completed this task without their help. A snap of a finger and several bright lights shinned, swiftly they brutally assaulted the Us’ Us. One had asked Nana why she ordered their death when they had done as she asked. Nana had told the individual, “anyone the questions my orders pay the price with their lives.”

I was shocked, unable to utter even a sound. This individual, at first glance, you would think, is not capable of such a heinous act. I knew I was not entirely sure about Nana’s character; if what I saw is to be accurate, she is worse then the Bayair Queen. Nana is a double edge sword, you just do not know what side she will attack with, but you know to be careful around her.

Studying Jullian briefly, I stepped out of my little home into the fresh night air. It might have been chilly spring night, but it was welcoming to my flesh. Jullian’s footsteps come behind me while I glared at the night sky. It was Jazzgoth’s voice that I recognized asking me what my thoughts were.
Eric had painted three masterpieces, depicting his dreams to the best of his abilities. I was positive that his bloodline somehow was related to the fallen, or maybe he had a secure connection to the universe, it did not matter, he was very gifted. Jazzgoth informed me that his brother Bayawah wanted to meet up with me. I nodded my head yes first I had a few things that I needed to do. Once my new tasks have been completed, I would meet up with Jazzgoth’s brother. Jazzgoth inquired to what I was going to do, in response I smiled and told him I was going to go hunting … hunting for the damned … those that have been wrongfully imprisoned.

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