“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was asked to do only one thing while I waited for Jullian to arrive. To stay out of trouble, and keep off the radar. To make sure I did as I said I would, Rachel was by my side.

That should not be much of an issue, considering I have a storage unit of things I need to go through and see what I want to keep and put in the garbage.
Brianna and I started with the items that were going to be easy to deal with — my collection of high school and college belongings. My English projects I placed off to the side, I might have placed a hidden message that I could have forgotten about — something the teacher would not have figured out, thinking it is just apart of the story or poem.

Brianna suggested that I publish some of my writing, considering I had gotten an excellent grade and plenty of material to start. With the journals and all of the assignments that I have collected, I could have a small thing for myself. I shrugged it off and picked up the first brown paper wrapped journal. “Everything you need to know is here!”
The first thing I realized is that it was not in my handwriting; it was far too neat. Next, the wrapping style was too precise. My wrapping is sloppy. At the time, I must have been zoned out, and something had taken over.

I am opening the journal, and several pages had points form sentences and symbols that I did not understand. I handed the journal over to Rachel to see if she had seen any of the symbols before. Sigils and they appeared to be complicated. The question we had was, what did it mean?

Brianna had come across a couple of journals that had drawings in them. The first remark that came out of her mouth was, drawing is one thing you are not good at doing. I have to say; I draw stick figures like a pro! Besides, the stick figures were a small write up of what I was drawing. Flipping through many pages, I stumbled over a representation of a house that was on fire; there were several addresses printed on this page. These addresses were the places as a child I lived at, up till the present day. Only three addresses I did not recognize. I handed the journal to Brianna and asked her where the location of these places was? It took only a second for her to say that the areas were in New York, Flordia and Texas.
Numerous pages had squiggles, at least that is what it looked like to me. I knew that it meant something; I just for the life of me could not figure it out. I was quick to realize that whatever was on these pages, the sentences were written from right to left, not left to right. It was Brianna that pointed out that there were journals full of this. If there were such a language out there with this writing, I am not aware of its existence.

There was a knock at the barn door; Benjamin informed both of us that Jullian would be here in three more hours. That would mean that he would arrive just before dusk, giving me plenty of more time to organize and deal with all the boxes. And the thing that could be burned went into the fire pit. Many projects ended being burned. Things I could not get rid of many years ago, I did so. Not including the journals, there was only a small box of stuff from my past that I was holding on to, the rest was nothing but ashes.

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