Sun Tzu claimed that a “brilliant general was one that could win without killing anybody.”

It has been a concept of mine for a very long time. Ying-yang, negative-positive, Earth- the other realms – We are attached spiritually and magnetically. We are one half of a whole!
Think about it for a second, though … What would happen if one side becomes selfish, self-righteous, and a dictator? The war that has never ended is what we get!

The Zeragill’s (power) is the military holders, while the Fastriel’s (brains) deal with politics. Both are great at masterminding and manipulating everything. The ideal military strategy for them would be Divide and conquer. Then, deceive the enemy and create a fake idea that will be a military advantage for them.

Before many Zeragillian’s migrating to Earth, the split of the bloodline of Fastriel, there has been nothing but lying, deceiving and war! The Parasites will not accept the fact that others do not want to follow their orders. If you leave, you could face death, imprisonment or even worse, torcher! That is just for the spiritual realms. How things are done in the physical world … accidents happen all the time, sudden death and torcher!

So far, they have done a great job in the torcher department. They have done a fantastic job of manipulating every free-thinking being.

The Us’Us keep on talking about the balance! The parasites have corrupted the balance, and we need to fight back. Us’Us made their case very clear. I am not blind. I may say tomoto when you say tomato. In the end, it is all the same.
The brains and power hold the bigger gun, the one with the biggest gun calls the shots. The Us’Us is the brains, and a mass majority of the Fallen are asleep or locked up. Us’Us want me to be apart of the power and do as they wish.
My temper is well known to those that have crossed my path. When I fight back, there is passion and full awareness. I am responsible for my actions; no others tell me what to do. So when something wants me to be the gun, I think an object that is being used. They seemed a little off when I told them I would have to think about what they said to me that I would get back to them.

So I am going to sit here for a while and observe the Us’Us. I am more than positive; they will be doing the same with me if they had not started a long time ago.

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