I saw Ash’s house, as I had seen it the first day I was there to investigate the land. Time had started to go backwards, and I saw the area as it used to be. Before there were roads and buildings. Then a lady that was native to the land appeared to me.
She was in a crouched position, at first I thought she was crying since her hands were covering her face. She had not been crying, but hiding the rage that she was carrying. She was pointing at the black hole that was forming. Telling me that the whole started to form when they came.
Since I knew that she once lived as a human, I thought she was talking about the French and English settlers. It is well known that France and Britain did battle over ownership for these lands. In the end, this screwed over the natives. I was wrong about my first impression!

I had to really look at the whole situation again!

She did live once as a human … she was very aggressive, yet she was not attacking me … some may even say malevolent spirit. It was her alliance that caught my attention. She had relations with the Fallen!

Her temper changed slightly once she realized I would be willing to listen to what she had to say.

It was not too long after the Fallen had started to make their lives here on Earth, when they, the Us’Us and fallen noticed that the holes were starting to form. The Us’Us defended what they had claimed as theirs. The price all paid was carnage, each side was equally matched! A time of peace was declared with a contract written up. Us’Us would have full control over Earth and everything that lives. The Fastriel could collect energy, but only if they mined it themselves. Any living creature had the right to choose their own path. If Otherside broke the contract, the war would restart again. The was a lot more to the agreement, but that was the parts that mattered to this spirit.

Though the Fastriel has stayed within the boundaries of the contract! What they have been doing is very shady work. The Fastriel wanted more power. Realizing that some of the habitants could create their own energy, they started to go after them. The thing is, they had to willingly give their power to them. Those that sided with the Fallen did not give up their energy. Individuals slowly started to go missing. Then religion was born! A new war had begun, and there was not much that could be done. Fewer individuals remembered the Us’Us and the Fallen. To remain to have order, the Fastriel convinced the people that the Us’Us and Fallen were the enemies. Some of them did escape imprisonment. Still, to this day, the remaining others are locked up in chains, with the location unknown!

I wanted to know what this entity wanted me to do? The eyes of this woman started to turn red. She hissed at me and said, “Fight back! Remember who you were, and bring back the balance!” I thought for a second, the Us’Us want war!
If this had been many months ago, I would have said no! I do not want to get involved in a war. Now that I stand here, knowing what I do! My anger is fueled!

I told this entity to tell the Us’Us leader that I will listen, but there is no way I will enter anything with revenge and hatred on my mind. Those two things spell out failure if you are heading into a battle!

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