Anything wobbly or weighed very little was moving around my tiny dwellings. The candles that I had lite, the flames were swaying back and forth and going in circles. The crystals I used as a focal point to get back, they were starting to turn a smokey black, from the bottom going up.

It was the pounding of the door and the tone of Rachel’s voice I heard. My eyes opened just as the door was being rammed open. First thought I had when I looked around my place … ‘What a bloody mess I have made!’ Followed by Rachel, Peter was rushing over to my side. Panic was the emotion he displayed. Rachel just required information to know what the hell was going on. I told her my side of the story. Then she explained why she was at my place and in such an uproar.

Jullian was calling the house phone, cellphones over and over again to get someone’s attention at the house. It was a message that Jazzgoth had told him, that prompt his actions. It had been actions that worried Jazzgoth, that Zeragill leader, would send private forces to deal with me in retaliation for what I had done. The release of Bayawah was a vital statement to everyone. Now more then ever, I was the biggest threat to the Zeragillian and Fastriel’s order. The Akkadian’s still did not know who’s side I was on, one thing was for sure. Opening the wooden door was an out-front assault, which would call for extreme measures from Nana.

I was also informed that General Xisnos was arranging for a few military personal to watch me. When is meant by this, I will soon find out, but for now, I will take it as a neutral action and nothing more.

The next thing for me to do is calm down! I was not only dealing with my emotions at the time, but I was picking up on everything around me. Needless to say, I was on a power overload. I needed to calm down and fast. It was roughly this time I had asked Rachel why the crystals would change colour?

It is known for crystals to change colour over time. What is not known is why or how mine would change in a short time. The theory on this the crystals were collecting the negative energy that I ousted from my body. Another hypothesis was because I was primarily using the crystals as a focal point and stabilizer, I was becoming unstable and needed to realine myself. My thought was both of those placed together as one. Even though I can see Peter and Rachel clearly, there is a dark haze hovering over the property, and it is continuing to expand.

For once in my miserable existence, I knew I was doing the right thing. I was on the right path. With that said, I have to also realize that this second in time, my feelings are not logical, nor are they balance. My behaviour is erratic, and I need a stabilizer.

It might have been 4 in the morning, but I needed to find my zen! Gardening is my stabilizer, for the most part, it is the only thing that can calm me down rate there and then. Rachel had gone back to her place, Peter tended to Rebbecca’s morning feeding. Then he had gone back to bed. The sun was shining just over the horizon before I closed my eyes for a little bit.

Weeks had passed since my last encounter with the group of entities. At first sight, it appeared to be random fires. I did not catch on to what was going on until there was a report of a house fire. It was MacGregor’s first house. The one I stayed at for a short time. Then there was a report of an apartment building fire. The first apartment I rented, it so happened the fire started off in the same unit I lived at. All the places that I had lived at caught on fire. I have stayed at so many places; how was I to connect the dots rate away. The majority of the fires had been in the news, the police were looking for a fire starter. They would not find anyone to place charges on, that I knew for sure. Then I got a phone call from my storage unit company. A major fire had been set, all units around my locker had been damaged, but mine. That same day Thorissa had a kitchen fire at her cafè. No one was hurt, just rattled up. For no reason, the most massive tree in Rachels’s front yard fell over.No damage to the house or anything else. I powered up, the parasites were sending me a message that I could not ignore. I might be able to bubble up, but they will still find a way to get to me.

I went to the storage locker with Peter, Crystel, Benjamin and Rachel plus her friends. I wanted to see if there was any damage to my belongings. Peter held the door open so it could not be closed with us inside. There were two of Rachel’s friends that could pick up energy and see spirits; one looked left down the hallway, as the other did the same but for the right. I was looking for a few things in particular!

I started to find my journal. There were several that had brown paper wrapped around the journals. Written in my writing, it said: “Read when you are awake!” The thing is, I do not remember wrapping up any journals.
Packing as many boxes as possible into the cars and truck. The boxes were going to be stored in the barn. When I had the time, I was going to go through the boxes and see what I wanted to keep.

Arriving at the barn, I received a message informing me that Jullian was coming for a visit. He thought it best that he come to me versus me going to him. He believed strongly that the Zeragills and Fastriels were planning on an attack. Even though it was quiet, I had noticed every time I looked over my shoulders, they would be there glaring down at me.
Their glare of hatred was not enough for me to do anything about it. I was just making a mental note where the parasites were located.
I think I will agree with Jullian that it might be best that he comes to me. Accidents happen all the time, I am sure they have it all planned out, to what will happen to me. They just have to wait for me to put my guard down.

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