Why do so many hate Satanist? And why do so many hate Christian’s? What is with all this general hatred? To me there is a lot of hate going on. Satanist and Christains are to be about humanity and love. The only difference is the title of the groups. The meaning of God is “the worship of the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority.” Modern Satanist is the practise of ideological and philosophical beliefs. If you take the time to read the fundamental rules for both groups, you would see that these are rules that any average family would be practicing.

In the church I went to as a child, Satan is evil, something that is to be feared and never called on. God was all loving, unless you did wrong then you would have to worry about his wreath. In my early teen years, I practiced the ways of the wiccan. It was when I was 20ish I denounced all Gods, Goddess, all entities of superpower. See I came to realize that I am their equal and I would not bend the knee. Needless to say, I received a lot of unkind words because of how I felt. I remember being told that I should burn at the stake for being a witch. All I could think of is how Christian of this person, wishing me dead. This was to be an up standing good person wishing me harm. It was about this time I believed humanity was dead and I was living a nightmare.

“If Jesus can show love towards criminals and outcasts plus his followers, why is it so hard for everyone to do the same?

Modern Satanist is more Druidic

Since the beginning of social civilization, mankind has seen more war and little peace. Of all the species on this planet there is not a known species like ours, yet we have cause more damage than good. You would think with the gifts that we have at our disposal that peace on Earth would be the reality. Sadly, the majority are all stuck in the “I” stage, also known as the “ego”. If all were treated equally, change would happen. Everyone would have to come to terms with the change. I believe that for the majority, the thought of living as an equal, no hatred, no war, no ego … this is unthinkable.

Many say they are living free, yet they have bound themselves unable to truly see. Selling respect and understanding for a faults sense of security. Easy to become aggressive and defensive if there is an opposing individual that is around them, quick to only care about themselves and shut down when there is another person in need regardless of the situation. It does not matter what religion you practice, the colour of skin or age; we all have a place on this Earth. It was our teachers that planted the seed of “I”, you as an adult have to look pass the ego.

All I can do is be responsible for myself and my action. Talk to others, if they relate with me then my circle has gained one more spirit. I know that I used Christian’s and Satanism for the “why is there so much hate?” but in general, hate is everywhere in our lives. You have to decide for yourself what you are going to do. Will you continue to hate and keep the war going? Or will you be responsible for educating yourself with the blessed ability to respect and treat every living animal with equalism? I am in no way asking you to change your beliefs, I am asking you to practice your fundamental rules of morals.


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