The rage that I had been harbouring from this lifetime and others surfaced. Images flashed rapidly in my mind, only had a glimpse of the curses that I uttered towards the Zeragills. Only in the last few lifetimes have I been able to overcome the fury that I felt towards them. With one event, like a sleeping volcano coming awake, I exploded in uncontrollable wrath.

The more Nana proceeded to convey her rage my way, the more I absorbed that and added it to my own attitude. The energy just continued building, enabling me to become only stronger. With this action, I realized that I am capable of not only producing my own raw power but to incorporate from other living and non-living things.

I saw myself going to the storage unit and gathering my writing. I had not been there for a very long time. A lady’s voice ringed in my ears, “Everything you require to remember is here.’

I glared at the combination of entities, they did the same. Some appeared to be shocked, while others seemed to tie back their satisfaction. I was hollow with nothing but raw materials. I do remember advising the parasites that the longer they annoy me, the more I will start revealing one door at a time. Everything that they have hidden, I will open for everyone to see.

I left the location, knowing that my statement would have meant nothing to the parasites. I did not care, I knew that I would keep to my words. I remembered everything, maybe not in chronological order, but I was waking up. They poked the sleeping bear far too many times, the rage that was comprised has arisen. What did they expect out of me, that I was going to roll over, fetch a ball, be a loyal canine? No, I will not! I will play on their fears of me, this will be their reality.

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