Have you ever been summoned? Up til now nor have I! At the start, it was someone whispering my name, something easy to ignore, then it only got louder and more frequent. Imagine someone calling your name, at the start, you may just hear your name once every thirty minutes in a soft tone, that is something easy to dismiss. If someone was trying to irritate me, they were doing a fantastic job, you would have figured with not responding to their calling they would take the hint that I did not want to talk to them. I guess they did not get the memo, night and day loud and clear my name was being called. Finally, after listening to this for close to two weeks, I replied to their summoning!

Representatives from each group minus the crazy queen were there. I felt like I was surrounded by the good cops, bad cops and the mediator. This was not even a small group that had summoned me, there were ten of us, I was included. There was only one individual that I had recognized that being Nana. She had the same composure as she has always had. The others were more, well the typical behaviour that I tend to get. I honestly could not tell you who was more irritated the Zeragill’s or myself. They figured I would jump and yield everything at their summoning, my timely manner exhibited my ill upbringing. For myself, it is not a secret, I view them as the black plague.

Placed in the centrefold of this unwanted trip, I allowed my eyes to display my dissatisfaction. Well before I chose to come, I made up my mind to keep my mouth shut and just listen. All over the spectrum, I was being accused of many acts.

In a nutshell, the issues that had been spoken of was aggression towards Zeragillian authority, threats of exposure that pertain to secret information and allying with the crazy queen. That is what came out of the mouths of a Zeragill member. An Akkadian member remarked that even if the secretive information were leaked out, no one would believe me. I guess if a human is told the fact, we are not capable of handling the truth, that is my interpretation of what I was getting. As remarks were going back and forth from these groups, I pondered on everything I have gone through, what I have learned and what was I going to do with this experience.

I glared at my feet, how dare they summon me, this was nothing but a trap. I am nothing but a threat to their lively hood. As they were babbling on and on about whatever it was they thought was important. My mind drifted to the door and the red eyes. ‘If you know who I am, what is the name that I called you?’

‘WaWa’ … is what I heard in my mind! I strolled through the group of Zeragill’s as I was doing so these words came out of my mouth “you have spent so much time insulting me, attempting to influence me to do whatever it is you want, lies you narrate. You believe that I am a threat because you assume that I friend with the crazy queen.” At this point, I am out of the circle and facing inwards, “your right, I am a threat! I am starting to remember more and more as each month goes by, I will not be obedient, you have all lost your ways … since you are all so eager to understand who I am … you refuse to leave me alone to live out my miserable existence on Earth for eternity …” I willed the door to appear before me, “tell big brother-little sister said hi!”

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