After a month or so, Jullian sent me a message, even for him it was a bizarre message. Inviting me to take a trip to his place, that he had items he wanted to show me, they were so valuable that he did not want to take any chances they would get ruined. We did a few video chats, all the data that Julian gave me was credible with what I had seen. There was information that I did not know of. The story goes something like this … Before the ancient world struck devastation, the Fastriel had emprisioned a number of their bloodline. The leader of the group, Bayawah and, his followers had attacked several territories, which was owned by the Zeragill’s. What set off this attack was the murder of his wife and kidnapping of his son. Bayaway had shown no mercy to anyone that sheltered any Zeragillian. The line of wreckage that he left behind was unimaginable. Multiple of individuals were brought in to assist in the capturing of Bayawah. The tale is that the Fastriel somehow got the group to meet at a location in which Bayawah’s son was returned. Afterwards, there was food and drinks served to the group. It did not kill them but put them is a deep sleep long enough to perform what was needed to cast a spell to lock them away.

Since the Fastriel and Bayaway were kin, anyone that showed any remorse or liking were also placed in the same closed door. The only way that the bondage could be reversed is if the blood of kin should release the casted spell. To ensure that the spell would not be performed on the Fastriel, everyone that assisted with the spell was murdered, or some say they were locked away in a different realm just like Bayawah. Here is where things become interesting again, Bayawah never did get the individual who killed his wife, that ended up being the Bayair queen. Yet somehow the Fastriel managed to retrieve the boy unharmed, interesting? I would say so!

It is said that if Bayawah is freed there is nothing that could possibly stand in the way of his wrath. That is why the door is in constant motion, never in the same location for long, unless blood of his kin is around. The door will present itself since the blood of his kin is loyal to Nana, no one will touch the door.

It is just a rumour, but it is said that some of his kin did slip through the cracks of Nana’s grips, let us say his dead wife. It is believed that his wife, who was his sister, was reincarnated. If at any time she should remember who she once was, she might have the ability to open the door. It would just take the gateway presenting itself to her, and everything will be undone.

I had agreed to take a trip to his place, it would take time to get everything together so that I could cross the border. What Jullian wanted to show me had nothing to do with my original message, from what little I could see during our video chats, the discussion was going to be very interesting. Information that is in plain sight, yet we all choose to ignore or believe it to be untrue!

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