I had been asked by Peter to go speak to the congregation as a guest since I had more knowledge about the concerns and what can be done to help our planet out. I almost told Peter that he should get Thorissa to make an appearance. It is hard to mingle religion and environmentalists together. Someone this is neither probably has a better chance at reaching both parties. So I excepted the mission and was prepared to walk into the lion’s den, armed with knowledge and understanding. I had a perspective that was different than many others. I not only saw the issues that faced us as humans, but I also looked for ways to go around and be proactive.

The next time I saw Thorissa I told her about what I was asked to do. We both chuckled at the irony of the hold situation, neither one of us were religious, and the notion of me going to a church and familiarizing others on a topic of significance was a radical action. Something that not many would have done, Thorissa herself could not dream of such an act.

The church was the battleground, the people inside have their faith and strong beliefs that they are devoted to. I was a fallen soul, the weapon of destruction in their eyes. I did not have any intent on persuading them to question their ways. I was going to speak to them humanoid to humanoid! I asked for only one thing that I did my presentation to everyone on a day that was not a Sunday.
The day came for me to speak to the people that were interested in what I had to say. Peter asked me if I was ready? I was confident enough that I was not going to be burned for heresy. There were no more than one hundred individuals in the audience, Thorissa and her family were among the people that would be listening to me tonight. I stood at the stand and placed my cue cards on it, I observed the crowded for a moment before I began.
I first started off by asking everyone to put up their hands if they were pro-life, pretty much everyone responded. Their hands went down, I was like excellent! Now how many of you believe that agriculture is essential to our lives? Again a great deal of the audience responded with putting their hands up. Excellent! I then asked them if quality and quantity was important in their life? Once again, the majority of the people put their hands up in the air. Perfect!
With just those few questions asked, they should have known what angle I was going to come in at with this topic. I was going to be pointing out life, growth and the quality and quantity! I took a deep breath, and I took a mental step further into the lion’s den.

I started off, it is a fact that if it were not for agriculture, our population would not be vast. Agriculture was the cause of trade relations, the extensive development in countries, and the advancement of humans in the social and cultural department. With the increase of our population, we have taken a mass amount of land and turned it into department stores, residential dwellings, cutting back on our farmland and woodlands. Majority of you responded in favour of pro-life, yet what life will there be if we continue to disrupt the natural balance?
Without farmland and woodland, the quality of millions of species will decline. Not only does these land produce a great deal of product for species, but it also reduces climate changes. If there are so many advocates for life, why is there little action being done to tackle the issues that are facing our future generations? This is all of our problems … North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, we as humanoids are all responsible for providing a stable and safe environment for the future for not only mankind but all species. We just have one planet that we call home, preservation of what is our essential necessity to live should be a top priority.
If your home is damaged, do you not fix it? You would not turn your back to the basics of your life, so why do so many turn their back to our environment? Pretending that nothing is going on, that this is not affecting your life, this is someone else’s problem. The issue may not affect you directly, it will affect our children and their children and many generations to come. The generation before us, heard of the climate changes, they did nothing because it did not affect them directly, their homes were not damaged, or that is what they thought. We have the facts placed in front of us, we hear and read articles all the time stressing the possibilities are if we do nothing.
I am in no means an environmental activist, but I am concerned about what we are going to leave our future with. I am consciously aware of the decline in the quality of life, we have the quantity to provide, but the quality is becoming inadequate. In the last fifty years with the rise of industrial civilizations, it has contributed to the loss of close to 3,000 species of plant life, insect and animals. Each year the list of endangered species becomes more alarming. In the beginning, I became angry, the balance that is so essential to life is being disrupted, but what was I to do? How do we maintain the quality of life at the same time as having the quantity? It was actually obvious then I had thought … plant a tree, did you know that you can grow a dwarf tree. Having them in a pot in your yard? Reduce, reuse and recycle, we have all heard this, the reuse is the most fantastic part. You can take what you would usually send to the landfills and make it into beautiful pieces of art.
Plant your own vegetable garden, you benefit from what you have grown as well as the bees. Support your local farmers, remember agriculture is a massive factor to why we are living here. Conserve energy … ride a bike, take the bus, carpool, if your destination is nearby, walk. We are all aware of how to reduce and lower the consumption of power in our homes. There are so many ways that we can help protect our home! If we are pro-life, then we need to show our children how much we respect our home and the great lengths we will take to preserve and encourage growth and prosperity for all species that cohabitate on Earth. Think of the quality of the air they will be breathing! What about the quality of drinking water! The quality of the land they will be playing and living on! We, humans, play a crucial role in preserving our home. It is our obligation to maintain the balance as a higher intelligent species.

That evening, after a month or so, Julian sent me a message, even for him, it was a bizarre message. Inviting me to take a trip to his place, that he had items he wanted to show me, they were so valuable that he did not want to take any chances they would get ruined. We did a few video chats, all the data that Julian gave me was credible with what I had seen. There was information that I did not know of. The story goes something like this … Before the ancient world struck devastation, the Fastriel had imprisoned a number of their bloodline. The leader of the group, Bayawah and, his followers had attacked several territories, which was owned by the Zeragill’s. What set off this attack was the murder of his wife and kidnapping of his son. Bayaway had shown no mercy to anyone that sheltered any Zeragillian. The line of wreckage that he left behind was unimaginable. Multiple of individuals were brought in to assist in the capturing of Bayawah. The tale is that the Fastriel somehow got the group to meet at a location in which Bayawah’s son was returned. Afterwards, there was food and drinks served to the group. It did not kill them but put them is a deep sleep long enough to perform what was needed to cast a spell to lock them away.
Since the Fastriel and Bayaway were kin, anyone that showed any remorse or liking were also placed in the same closed door. The only way that the bondage could be reversed is if the blood of kin should release the casted spell. To ensure that the spell would not be performed on the Fastriel, everyone that assisted with the spell was murdered, or some say they were locked away in a different realm just like Bayawah. Here is where things become interesting again, Bayawah never did get the individual who killed his wife, that ended up being the Bayair queen. Yet somehow the Fastriel managed to retrieve the boy unharmed, impressive? I would say so!
It is said that if Bayaway is freed, there is nothing that could possibly stand in the way of his wrath. That is why the door is in constant motion, never in the same location for long, unless the blood of his kin is around. The door will present itself since the blood of his kin is loyal to Nana, no one will touch the door.
It is just a rumour, but it is said that some of his kin did slip through the cracks of Nana’s grips, let us say his dead wife. It is believed that his wife, who was his sister, was reincarnated. If at any time she should remember who she once was, she might have the ability to open the door. It would just take the gateway presenting itself to her, and everything will be undone.

I had agreed to take a trip to his place, it would take time to get everything together so that I could cross the border. What Julian wanted to show me had nothing to do with my original message, from what little I could see during our video chats, the discussion was going to be very interesting. Information that is in plain sight, yet we all choose to ignore or believe it to be untrue!

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