It was getting near to my due date to have my next write up finished for Thorissa. I had the opportunity to get a ride into the city with Peter. He was going into work later than the norm. I went to Thorissa’s coffee shop to finish the last bit of work. Thorissa’s employees were used to me coming in from time to time to do my job there. As long as I was working on Thorissa’s site, I was allowed to eat and drink for free. I was more than happy to drink coffee for free, food, on the other hand, I was willing to pay for.

I had my headphone on so that I could drown out the chatter of customers and workers. I had been here less than an hour when I briefly looked over the top of the laptop screen to see my dear friend Sally. Out of my peripheral, I watched her walk to the counter, order her beverage and a muffin. I slightly moved my laptop in the goal that she would not see my face. This would have been achieved if one of the workers had not spoken my name.

The worker did not know what they had done until it was too late. Taking off the headphones, gathering my used coffee mug, I passed Sally as if she was a ghost. Asking for a refill, I kept my back to Sally. From behind me, I heard Sally starting to chuckle say to me, “unlike you, I will be going to heaven along with many others. Why should anyone care about trivial matters, where everyone should be going to church to pray for forgiveness?”

You have no idea how hard it was for me to only say “you do not say” and not rip into Sally. I swear that if she could, Sally would scream even louder that I was an agent of the devil, trying to lead everyone astray. That everything that I am working on has subliminal messages in it. At this point, I have options, no one really knows about Sally’s and my past experiences. She is doing a fantastic job of looking like a crazy religious person. I could defend myself and say more than “you do not say.” Sipping on my coffee at the front counter.

I just allowed Sally to appear like the crazy person. Oh yes, the smart remarks were rolling around in my mind, there was so much I could have said. And I just kept on letting Sally go on and on with her rant. Finally, after being called a Satanist countless times, every offensive word that you could think of, that were thrown my way. Sally was finished with her speech, now it was my turn to open my mouth. I had plenty of time to think about what I was going to say, to focus on the tone in which I was going to speak.

One of the things that Sally mentioned is that she, as a Christian was by her god, told to replenish the Earth and be fruitful. I said to Sally that she is doing a piss poor job and should take some lessons from a farmer. If there was plenty for all, then there in all sense should be no issues with climate changes, no one should be dying of starvation, and our rainforest would not be in danger. The next thing was being called a Satanist, Sally is incredibly uneducated or so full of herself. Point one, if there were no fear of evil or the darkness, there would be no religion. In my point of view, religion is based on insisting fear and the need for protection. If you do not have fear, then there is nothing to keep the people in line. Essentially, without the anxiety of the devil, there would not be Christianity.

Fear the devil, he will collect your soul if you do not believe. At the same time you have to fear gods rath if you do not ask for absolution for committing a sin, but always remember god loves you! At about this point, there were a few customers and workers that were chuckling loud enough. Was I done, not even close to it!

The next thing that I went on to point out … Satanism is based on individualism versus other religion, which is the worship of a superhuman. Does this matter, no it does not, the point is that you do not push your viewpoints on others. It is a fact that no matter what science, math, history, archaeology has had to say religion has not died down. I could care less if you are a Christian, Muslims whatever it may be, as long as you believe. You have that right to practise that faith.

Where Sally was wrong, is trying to belittle me down to her IQ and thinking that I am a mindless drone that is not capable of thinking for myself. Her religion, it has nothing to do with my work and who I am. Sally’s insults and narrow-minded viewpoints really do say a lot about her as a mammal.

Yes, I know I did insult her! That was intentional, I just did not have to use colourful vocabulary, as she had. The English language is the hardest language to learn, though once you have the basics down, there are so many unique words you can use to insult another person and smile at the same time as doing so.

By the end of everything, Sally did leave the coffee shop once a male customer stood up and asked her what she had against other religions? There is one thing Sally cannot handle, and that is when others surround her, start to question what comes spilling out of her mouth. At least that is what I have witnessed from her. I believe the best part of this whole commotion was when Sally was close to the door. Sally tripped and yelled at me, “you made me trip!” I pointed out that she needed to tie her shoelaces. Oh but it does get better, the car that was parked at the door was Sally’s. She ended up getting a ticket.

Not every word was understandable, the flying of the arms and facial expression was all that anyone needed to have a laugh at.

I finish with my write up, send it to Thorissa and than I give her a call. The piece of paper that was given to me was a message that Thorissa wanted me to call her when I had the chance. That would have been at that moment. The call went to her answering service, not a problem. I left a brief message and hung up. I cleaned up my work area and head out of the shop. I knew that I had more than enough time to get to the church before Peter would be heading back to the house.

It was shortly after I finished dinner that my phone started to ring, I had anticipated Thorissa giving me a callback. I did not think that it would be this late. Nevertheless, I answered the call and listened to what Thorissa had to say.

Things were still not appearing up for the family. It meant that her attention would be diverted to more pressing issues. Thorissa wanted me to take on more work, she wanted me to go to these meetings do a write-up and pretty much co-partner her site. At this point, Thorissa was not concerned about how much I wanted to get paid for doing this. She needed to secure the safety of her site and reputation while she focused on more pressing issues.

Personally, it was not that hard to gather information and do the job and answer any comments. The issue of going to the meetings is though. For myself, I could sit there, not say a word and act as if I am interested. This is an area where passion has to be there, that is something I am not entirely sure that I have. Of course, the environment is a concern, but it is not a passion as it is to Thorissa. You can tell that Thorissa is a passionate person when it comes to talking about the environment and global warming.

There is no spark in my eyes when it comes to that. My fire comes out when there is anything to do with science, history and archaeology. I told Thorrisa I would assist her in the areas that she needs work to be done, once her life is balanced out, I would hand everything back over to her. I told her that each day that I work on her site, I want fifty dollars, no matter how long I work on the site. Any travelling to any gathering I wanted gas and one hundred dollars. As always, everything that is done will be placed in her name. The only thing that has changed is the payment plan and the extra travelling that will be completed. When the conversation had ended all I could think of is ‘where is my day planner, I will need to use it more often now that I have a bit more to do.’

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