The new year is here, and everyone is pumped and ready to go. Except me, all it means to me is another year is done and a new year is about to start. It is a time that everyone can get drunk and have a reason for a party. This time I decided to sit out of all the drinking and partying. I wanted alone time, in my own place. Peace and quiet time was a time that I could reflect on what I have seen and done. Make plans for the next upcoming months.

Several times I have started typing, just to delete what was put down. Conversations with the passbyers or as people like to call them ghosts and then there were the entities. Everything was rolling around in my head. When talking to the entities, the location is pretty much the same as I have described before. This one particular location I fancied the most, it was very appealing to my eyes. Around me is a large sum of trees, like walking through the woods lots of trees. I have never seen trees like this before, width wise they were huge, the biggest I have ever seen, more substantial than the pictures of trees I have seen from British Columbia. Height, if I compared it to a high rise, more than fifteen floors but less than twenty-five. They had a greenish purple leaf, some had a hint of orange, red, blue or yellow. Even the grass was different from the regular green, it was like a combination of purple and green. Pretty much in the middle of this clearing, a marble well, it was built about three feet about the surface. This clearing was in a dip, going down the slope to the well, there was water in the well.

Slightly leaning over the edge of this well, whatever my mind was thinking of, I saw the reflection in the still water.

Past, present and possible future, it showed so much more. It showed who my past lives actually were and my true nature. I wondered if it could tell me all this about myself, could it possibly do the same for someone else?

When it came to the entities, I knew that I was only getting half the truth if even that, I just could not distinguish who I should trust, how much should I trust, or what my next move should be. All sides were pretty much saying the same thing, but each had their own variation. Each group is blaming the other for the troubles that are going on, that deal with all levels of the realms. Yet no one is confessing to being part of the difficulties nor trying to solve the issues. They are adding to the problem and not a solution.

In my mind, I pushed out all thoughts of what I believe, blocked all voices in my mind. I wanted to start from the beginning and erase everything that I had saw and been told. A blank sheet is what I wanted to start off with. I zoned out the landscape around me, only keeping the well. I pushed out all light and surrounded myself with darkness. Hiding in the dark, I allowed only the well to speak. Who are the entities?

The well swirled, just like a family tree, the picture was starting to form. We are all related, from one generation to the next. Over the span of million centuries did groups emerge, this was when the groups became separate with different goals and laws. These groups were formed and firm just after a massive blast. If I did not know any better, I would call this one epic family feud.

It is funny that in many ways, humans and the entities, we all have similar features. We all have two eyes, a nose, mouth, two arms and four legs. What makes us different is only skin tone, and article of clothing. Here is where things became fascinating to me, the blast that I was talking about, it not only happen once, twice, three but four times in this galaxy a large explosion has destroyed everything, and rebuild itself back again.

Why I find this exciting is because I have always believed in reincarnation, yet I have always wondered if this system we live in is recycled energy as well?
To me, it feels many times that I am in this continues vortex, and it is a re-run of everything that has happened before. We are stuck in a trench and chose not to get out. Hence why history repeats, and no one learns! When will we learn? If my theory is correct, probably never, we are doomed for eternity to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, and our children’s children will repeat our mistakes. It is going to take more than a miracle to change things. Everyone would have to open their eyes and actually see what is going on, stop with the hatred, then everyone would have to formulate an action to reduce the problems.

Why the deception of angels and demons?” The well went dark, and a reflection of myself appeared and my voice came from the water. “They are trying to incite fear. The light is the trap, and the dark holds the secrets.”

“Why am I a threat?” The reflection of myself answered back, “I have not chosen a side. I do not believe everything that is told to me for neither side. I believe they all tell me what I want to hear and try to veer my attention from the facts. They cover what was and replace it with what they want. Their motives for me have changed over the last decade!” I stood there just looking at my reflection wondering, “What has changed?” The reflection of me replied, “Ga’al from Zeragill, knows I am holding on to an incredible amount of energy. Because of the wall that I have built up around myself, they have to wait until I am sick to attack. The members from Zeragill have not seen this type of energy for a while. And I am not the only one, there are eight of us, scattered across the world. We have not met yet in person this lifetime. The Fastriel are scared that the Akkadian ‘s, they are getting ready to attack. The Akkadian ‘s success will be achieved by using myself and the other seven.” This is something that I thought about a while ago. Even though I knew the answer, I had to ask, “What could happen if the eight of us worked together?” The reply was instant, “the balance could be restored … religion would be questionable … the Zeragill’s and Fastriel would have a hard time maintaining control … the truths and lies would be reviled and what is known would change for some good other for the worst. Pretty much chaos would hit!” I was not entirely sure if I wanted to know, but I asked anyway, “what does this mean for everyone?” I saw a scene that I had seen before, I had dreamt this for almost three decades. War … death … starvation … idealist coming together to solve the problems only to create new ones. The exact nature of people and entities are reviled for all to see. The world and realms may be messed up now, but everything would be upside down if with a snap of a finger the eight of us came together.” This was not a positive vision, that is for sure!

“So what do I do now?” My face was reflecting in the water again with its lips moving … “Many are not ready for the truth. As time went by the real story had been covered with partial truths and lies. Greed becomes the new power, denial and blames become the starting of a story. Every living being is caught in a spire, with few finding the door to break free of their imprisonment. Those that remember the truth will destroy anyone that challenge the comforts of their lives they lead. It is those that you have to expose, this path could lead to your death without the proper support. This will create more enemies than it will allies.”

If anything is ever to change, the first thing I must understand is how everything works. Breaking away the truth from the lie, it is not an easy task. Spreading the information around is next. I have heard that the truth will raise you up and set you free if my words free just one person from their imprisonment, I have achieved something great! The knowledge it is a powerful tool, and when it is wielded with precision, it can be a tool to strick down an enemy and protect others. Be damned with my enemies, I do not fear death!

From this voyage, I woke up refreshed and full of energy. It has been a long time, probable far too long, I finally had direction a path that felt right. I did not feel like I was wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. It might have been well with my reflection that I was speaking to, but it is a face that I can trust. Someone that I did not have to question what was coming out of their mouth.
This project was going to take time, something that I could not rush. I have picked my tool of how I plan on to fight back, now all I needed to do was gather the evidence to back up my claims. This could take months or even years … something that I will find out once I get there. Until then, I will keep my nose to the ground and not draw attention to myself. I need time and lots of it.

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